Match day thread vs Port -- like, totally don’t boo Ryder


Get well soon Shaun (we need you)


mckernans ribs sore or illness.

dissapointed smack is out but happy Hartley gets a crack

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Low ESSINGTON danger rating today.

Don’t be sad about missing 4.1 McKernan from last week, be ambivalent about missing 0.1 McKernan from our last game at Marvel.


Joey is going to be on SEN sometime before the game.


We’re done.

Good opportunity for Hartley to consolidate a position as second ruck when Bellchambers returns…he could give us that versatility and height that is vital. Also he is more than capable of playing forward.

Currently at the Subway on King St.

Guy sitting behind me wearing a Norf scarf & beanie.

Is this a sign?

And if so, of what?

Fark not good

You know what this means:


I hate these b@stards more than anyone. I don’t know if it is growing up in the northern suburbs of Adelaide and was taught to despise all things Port Adelaide. I don’t know if it those same parents who taught me that hate have been Power members for the last 15 or so years. I don’t know if it is because their fan base is so farking feral that I feel dirty just being around them. I think it is all 3 but I love nothing more than beating these p*icks


So Hooker starts forward and Hartley pinch hits in the ruck from CHB?

Daniher on SEN after the break.

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If Woosha starts Hooker back and Hartley fwd he’s a moron.

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Really surprised LAV isn’t in, surely means Hooker forward.

That depends on whether we win.


Can still do this. Would even consider Francis forward to really throw a cat into Port’s pigeon plans.

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I reckon. Harts will probably play on the 2nd ruck while he is in the forward line & just follow him every time he goes into the ruck. Basically shadow the same bloke all day - Dixon maybe?

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Makes perfect sense. Don’t really want him swapping wth treebeard at CHB. That works much better