Match Day vs GWS (Essendon Light) - Rd 21, 2022

Interesting game. Great time slot. I can sit back and enjoy this today.

Team in poor form, playing an improved us. Danger game in the past, with many PTSD flashbacks.

Will say a bit more about where we are at as a side, moreso than the last fortnight.

I’m thinking we win, but it’ll be a tight/close one.

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This is today? Wow I honestly thought this was tommorow…


I thought it was tomorrow twilight. I guess I’m just used to us playing there now!

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Should win and well win GWS are completely cue in the rack

My horse got scratched from Moe races today, so staying in town and watching the game isn’t a bad plan B.

Hopefully the coaching staff have a plan B also, if needed.


tomorrow is Monday’s yesterday

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should hit this game with some confidence in ourselves

win there for the taking if we turn up


win - we win.
lose - hello draft picks!


It’ll be a draw, then.


I know they’re struggling but a midfield of Josh Kelly, Lachie Whitfield, Jacob Hopper, Tom Green and Callan Ward dropping a game at home after being roasted all week to a 14th placed Essendon?

Not to mention Toby Greene. I can see their forward line getting a lot of A+ delivery today. Weather is great.

Hope I’m wrong but…


Just got to Olympic Park Wasteland
Have made this trek many times before only to be left disappointed
Hoping today ain’t one of those days

Heading up to catch up with some fellow NSW Bombers and a few mates at the Abattoir Blues bar


I am in Sydney at the minute and probably would have gone if I had more respect for the club and its direction.

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If Luke Darcy calls him ‘harder than a cats head’, just remember this


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You sound lost

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Back to this cosy time slot next week.

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Both formidable players but that stats don’t say much.

Hope Stringer regains some touch and clean hands at clearances today

Seeeee the bombers fly UP UP!

Lets go dons!!


What percentage of the crowd will be supporting the red and black today?

75-80% ?

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The legend big fletch!