Match night thread 2017 round 8 - vs Cats

No changes for us, Mutch watches on.

This is not a blockbuster crowd.

Anyone know a decent website for live streaming? I’ve tried firstrows, olivertv and vipbox to no avail.

Predict Lav will aggravate his injury watching this on TV


Milestone game!

I reckon we’ll actually win.

‘heros’ by David Bowie playing as the umpires make their way on the field. I’m going home.


As usual, Hartley has the last shot on goal during the warmup: it’s a one-step chip from the fifty line, travels just over sixty and splits the middle.

One day he’ll get a go at this forward thing. With kicking like that they won’t be zoning off him.




Shittest crowd I have seen at the g in ages. Embarassing.

If you have a crownbet account you can watch every game on your phone, you don’t need to bet or even have money in the account to be able to watch

(Fark Collingwood :grinning:)

We’ll have a crack but end up losing by 60

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Farking win.

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Jumper looks so ■■■■.

Absolutely pumped for this game. ■■■■■■■ pumped!

We’re gonna get flogged.

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Interesting. Quality?? Chromecastable etc??

Ugh, was planning on being there tonight but have spent most of the day trying to stop my brain from leaking out of my ears.

That being said, it’s a milestone game so I’m not confident.

Players look bored having to stand around and listen to this.

Wow what a ■■■■■■■ anticlimax that was.

Quality is good, drops out every now and again and forces you to re login but it’s quick. Now I’m unsure about Chromecast but I used to be able to cast my Samsung phone screen to my Samsung laptop through a specific Samsung app and it worked fine, so don’t think it stops if cast to a bigger screen

Come on Bombers.