Match night thread 2018 R21 vs Saints

The ‘Jake Carlisle’ memorial line?

Well I’m prematurely grey/white so you know, I’m a Craig Foster type, whereas you’re more of a George Costanza type (if he threw boomerangs)

And by the way, I only know this because I spied you at a game once and thought -“that’s a bald version of DJRs profile pic”.

I didn’t say hi, you were too busy giving the finger to FCFC supporters, respect

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Not to mention that picture of him on the toilet


Pannell and that ■■■■ #32 tonight

We’re ■■■■■■

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Surprised there are no late changes. Hope this game is not a four quarter struggle.



Time for Saad!!

There is NOBODY here

Even the saints cheer squad have dropped off them

So far the warm up from out boys looks good, good skills, look focused

It’s ■■■■■■ flat as in here.

Still more than the number of LIKEs you’re getting from me in this thread.


The OFFICIAL waging sponser of the AFL. And people are onto clubs for having pokies.

Essendon 233 bounces this year, second-highest team on 162…

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Odds on lazy Essendon turning up?

Ben mcneice is a very good kick of the footy

Not taking any more bets

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Stringer slowly jogs to 52 and tenderly taps it to five metres behind where the goal ump will be.