Match night thread 2018 R21 vs Saints


Which team is farked?

Based on warmup, Colyer >>> TIPPA, and HepD to lower the eyes and hit guys on the lead.

Team versus Sts - R21 of 2018

I nearly forgot there was even a game on.


St kilda has form with dwarfs. On that basis our fleet of smalls will set the game alight.


It’s a good thing the AFL banned every player coming out for a warmup at the same time.


How efficient is @DJR?




The hell is with that thread title you’re slipping


Buffy gif reply?


Did they? Or is that why Heppel is hitting targets?


I hope people take there seats before the bounce because there is nobody here


Apart from being blind deaf crook-backed melanoma-riddled* broken-toothed esophagitis-plagued I’m in very good nick.

*well, no evidence of that presently.


My point exactly!


This is what we’re gonna do to St Kilda…


God help you if you are in Nic Dalsanto nic, do we have an Essendon nic???


You forgot to mention bald


Unusually quiet around these parts, especially for the coveted ‘James Gwilt’ cup.


Oh right, make it personal, why don’t you?


Kill me now.

At least we have Brown.


Well, I hope they’re lowering their eyes and honouring the lead into F50 or else Carlisle will break the AFL record for intercept marks in 1 game!