Match night thread 2018 R21 vs Saints


and doing a heck of a lot of running, by all the forwards too


45 points gotta be happy with that Saints lucky they are not down by 60


St Kilda are garbage, Richo is a dead man coaching.

We owe these farks a few beltings, and it’s disappointing we aren’t taking a gimme chance to absolutely slaughter them.


A shame we can’t just call it off now and go to bed early.


That’ll do me - two players down and a 5 goal to 1 third quarter (yes, third quarter!)


More behinds at the end than a Playboy mag. Love the pressure but the end result is a bit crap. Up it lads, get the percentage high and, more importantly, just destroy this shower.


That’s it boys, you have the foot on the throat. Not smash down and take their head off

Be ruthless boys!!


There’s 2 saints still out there who have lower fantasy scores than goddard.
He played 10 minutes.
And is 33.


Sensational effort that quarter. We looked very tired in the last 2 or 3 mins. We were using the clock on shots just to get a breather.


Dons by 95


Great quarters by Myers and McGrath. Both very very good.


Was really good, really direct when he had the ball


That’s what I meant, because of those two guys down we are getting tired legs cos of extra running


Been 3 down at times.


Now. Destroy. With two blokes down. Do it.


Raz and Hurley getting legs worked on at the huddle. Hooker doing some tests with Doc Reid.


have i ever mentioned how much i love david myers?


Been a hell of an effort, really gutsy so far


ohhhhhh ffs


Raz to the rooms, Hooker to the bench. Zero swaps left?