Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda



Do it next week.

Match night thread - St Kilda, round 16
Whipping Boys vs Saints Review

Next week is the actual redemption game for sure.

Putting them away in the last was the best part of that win for mine.


Green, Gleeson, Bird & Myers.
Well done boys!


Great game Bombers. How sweet theweekend is now.


10 goal win? That'll do!


Miserable man. Take a leaf out of DPK's book:

Well done mate. Enjoy it.


■■■■. That was pretty awesome.





No changes for mine.


Well done Bombers - could not ask for more. Bring on the Roos!


Another game winning 3rd quarter.


Watson comes back in


Worst game of football DarkKnightPhoenix has ever seen.


Delete mine.

How's them whipping boys, eh?
Big Boi Myers
Green and his stats


10 goal win, won all 4 quarters. Need to bring that effort and intensity each week.


Oh please, that's what everyone said this week.

Well we didn't just beat them, we smashed them.


Thank fk hickey isn't on our list



Is there a team in the league with a bigger gap between their best and their worst?

Amazing job tonight dons


Outside of the kicking for goal, it was near perfect. Not a single poor player, fantastic effort. So many winners.


Really hoping that GWS and Fremantle get up this week.