Match Review vs Freo

Yes it was. But most Vic teams drop off in the fourth quarter at Subi when the weather is this hot. The short breaks and interstate trips don’t help either.

There is no doubt the maggots got Free back in the game so of course they played better knowing they could get away with a lot more (esppecially throws and holding the ball) but their opponents would get pinged over trivial things - like imagined throws.

Same old Essendon for the last 15 years lets face it we will never be a good side.


But look we had a great chairman’s club lunch last week, got some big names on way back Wednesday this week, and have already sold wheat husk jumpers by the truckload.

Not sure what you guys are worried about, everything’s fine


I can assure you we are a joke at home also.


That last quarter was embarrassing. We’re crying out for a mid who can take control of the game when in the balance.

Time to fire up the draft/trade threads.
Looks like we’ll have a pick around 5.

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Season is shot. Just play the kids whether they deserve a call up or not. Would rather lose by 20 goals every week with Mutch, Begley, Clarke in the team than lose by 5 goals with the current side


…and you have confidence we will pick an out and out gun midfielder why?


Many in that side were well down today, including Tippa, Fantasia, Dea, Colyer, Francis, Hartley, Myers, Stanton, Zaharakis and so on. The umpires were predictably terrible, but we were well down for most of the second half. Disappointing!

Dear oh dear - just ran a quick ladder predictor, and assuming we beat one of (wait for it), Gee, WCE, Rich, Port or GWS, we’ll be 15th at the bye. Oh dear. Which airline has the best specials in September?!

I feel as though Jackson Merrett Is probably the answer to all our problems


Could not put together a bunch of less intelligent poorly skilled muppets if you tried

For all our good play in first half, their goals came from either our stuff ups or giving away dumb free kicks.

We actually should have been 6 goals+ up at half time.

Then the 2nd half once they got a sniff, home crowd got behind them and heat took its toll was also farking frustrating. Again our stuff ups to continually give ball back or let them get scoring opportunities drove me nuts.

End of last quarter an embarrassment. I turned it off after McCarthy put game out of reach, only to see that 3 goal lead had doubled. Wowee.


Free kicks 21-12. Not surprised, but some of those calls by Pannell nearly made me Clarkson my wall.


If somebody told me at the start of the game we would be almost all square at three quarter time - would have taken that in a heartbeat. Disappointing finish but honestly didn’t expect to win today.


It is impossible to be as biased and as bad as Pannell is every week.

But he digs deep, and finds something. Kudos to him.


Mental Pygmies. How inevitable was that? Reconciled in my head last week that I was not going to expect much. But still hard to watch the mindless turnovers (Daniher’s lazy handball exhibit a) that lead to two goal turn arounds. The red time goals. The missed goals. Colyer two weeks in a row in the third qtr runs into a open goal and misses…

There are some absolute battlers in that side. Not going to win many games of footy with Gleeson, Hartley, Dea in your back six. Its very sad what happened to Stanton, Hocking et al. but their time has finished and unfortunately so has that era.

Dejavu. Its like Smythy never left.

Hit the draft

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We can’t continually carry ■■■■■.
Even Francis.
Too many to carry


Hard to be disappointed because, after over a decade of Essington, one expects that sort of result. Care factor zilch.

Essendon must be firming to get back to back No 1 draft picks. If not, a bottom 4 finish is an absolute certainty.

That Stanton can still get a game shows what a poor list Essendon have.

Gleeson would be lucky to play AFL for any other club.

Should be a major review of recruiting and player development asap. When Essendon find someone who can play, Dodoro is a hero, but there are far too many recruits who are constantly injured, or who stagnate in development. Francis is a joke fitness-wise.

The midfield would easily be the worst in the competition - after 10 years this is a problem that should have been rectified years ago.

Hurley and Hooker must now be wondering why they signed long term contracts.

Essendon are stalled on the road to nowhere, but let’s all blame the umpiring again eh?


Can we recruit some hard nuts? Fck Dangerwood are going to have a field day next week and won’t raise a sweet doing it

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