Match Thread: Essendon vs Collingwood

No late changes.

Subs: DELL and Kennedy.


Come on bombers this is our chance to hit the 8!!

always nervous when we play the filth

Watching the footy flashback game on channel 7 right now of when we played Adelaide in the prelim.

Fark Bewick was good. Has torn it apart with 6 so far.

Fkg sick of losing to colonwood in the latter half of the year EVERY year. They belt us every time. The opportunity is there to go into the 8, easily our most important game of the year thus far

Dont know if its been mentioned, but stanton is captain today

Just saw David J R, riding down high St Northcote. He was just a blur of red black and pasty white.

Cmon Bombers! Footy Gods you ■■■■■■ owe us so I want a complete annihilation of Collingwood.

Wish I was there. Damn living in canberra.

We need everyone to stand up. Pies are desperate for a win too.


In the meantime, theyre showing some Bombers gold on channel 7 right now

How many turn over Harry make?

Yikes, no one here.

Be lucky to get 50k by the looks of it

How many turn over Harry make?

Atleast BJ isn't playing today to make him look half decent

They’ve gone small in defence. Only Frost as the traditional KPP. Hopefully we exploit that well


Don’t argues for everyone

Hoofing it from 70

CYBORG to come off the line and retire Macaffer

Very nervous. GO BOMBERS!

No car parking at mcg

Dons by 74.