Match thread - Fark Freo in Round Four

Yellow-vest Leroy is drilling the pocket snaps. Joe D across the face. They head off at 2:14 local time.

I’m front row, about 10m from the northeastern point post.

Freo still cooking themselves.

■■■■■■ hot here today. And Myers a late withdrawal.

I’m having a Golden Gaytime.

I'm so pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just want effort today.


Lot of kids.


Bomber said we're missing 8-9 from our best 22.

Meh I’m not too fussed.

Watson, Hocking, Heppell, Zaharakis, Goddard, Stanton, Howlett and Merrett all need to get to the ball first and make sure they don’t waste their disposal.

Come on boys! Us by 30!

Decent-size banner for us. Back simply has a sash and “don the sash”.

The other end of the ground is absurdly far away.

For the locals: the best day to see the Boomerang World Cup is Good Friday (demo day and head-to-head comps withe best throwers).

Here we go.

Watching promo from last year. So many players missing.

Joe many goal.

Why the fark are we wearing our clash jumper?

Lucky we’re wearing the clash jumper, otherwise I’d have no idea which team is which

Since when do we clash with Fremantle??

Fark off GayFL.

Now I’m fkn angry

You on merrett watch DJR?


Wouldn't mind watching this one live on my laptop.....

Since when do we clash?

All sorted.

Fark you live-posting fetishers.

It’s hard enough here to see what’s happening at the other end without posting about it!