Match thread v Meatheads

This better be worth giving up an afternoon binge watching Sex Life recordings from 90’s VHS’.


late changes?

Any late changes?

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You’re going to be disappointed.

HAWTHORN has lost versatile onballer Ricky Henderson for Saturday’s clash with Essendon at the MCG.

Henderson, who is battling illness, has been replaced in the selected side by James Cousins.

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Farkin lol, Stall

I have zero idea what disappoints blitz these days

Dyson Heppell’s kicking disappoints Blitz.


I can’t stand C. Brown. Let’s do this for Winders.

A few on here appear to be barracking for failure, that’s all I’m saying


Who’s playing?

Seeing the filth and scum getting done is the only universal feel good for blitz. The rest is a disappointment.

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benfti the notorious barracker against players because we didn’t draft his favourites taking a moral high ground? i never.

c’mon lads… would love to see a win today.

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Not much company at the game today.
I wonder why?

Did you shower?

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Alright Bombers, step up and up again, and beat these jerks.

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More optimistic about today than next week that’s for sure.

Can’t help myself. Optimism and hope always builds as the game nears.

He’s currently giving himself a sponge bath…might explain it