Match thread vs Port Adelaide - Round 16 2023

Hope for a big turnout tonight. Start of a critical month that will define our season


New merch ready. Fark Amart and Fark Carlton


Time to make Sydney’s win against wce look like child’s play. Whole port list/coaching panel/exec to get sacked after this dismantling.


Fark that looks good. Love the stuff from that era

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Made in Australia! :kangaroo:

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Nervous. Excited.

Usual pre-match stuff.

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Seriously doubt we can win but think it may only be a couple of goals in it and don’t see a blow out. Port are prone to big lapses and can let sides in, we just have to be good enough to capitalise on it


Hoping for a really big turn around in our form tonight.

Not certain of it, not counting on it, not even expecting it… but bloody hell I’m hopeful.

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I’m expecting a win tonight. I think playing at the G helps us. If it all turns pear shaped we still have the cricket.


Carn the pear?

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I only saw 2 power supporters on the plane this morning.


Sitting right at the back near the loo I hope.

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I’m taking a group of 15 people who have never seen footy before.

Please perform Essendon!


Wonderful. Well done. :clap::clap:

How good is the retro range! Hoodie Debut tonight.


Heavy tag on Butters thanks.

About 350 of them went over yesterday on various flights and many more will drive.
I’d expect a few thousand Port supporters there

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im all for archie getting the rest of the year vs the other teams best mid.

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Best thing our Merch dept has put out in a decade :ok_hand:

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Unfortunately its a league wide thing and not our idea. Most of them look mint!

Mate went out and got the Port one and even that one looks great.

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