Match thread vs Port Adelaide - Round 16 2023

What does a response look like?

A win or being physically hard to play against for 4 qrts no repeat of last week

We could play extremely well and put in a huge effort and still lose.

If its by a goal or two then thats ok

But just before you said there are no excuses and it is a must win?


I don’t think Archie has the running capacity at this stage to do that. Cripps was a perfect matchup for him because Cripps is a ■■■■ runner.

I’d prefer they try Caldwell in an accountable role on Butters

Well yeah but if that dosent look likey then i want a tough 4qrt effort

We will know in the first 5 minutes if we are on

Oh, it will be a tough 4 qrts, don’t worry…


Just look like you wanna play a big game Essendon and come to win

60 seconds

I want a hungry fired up Essendon.

Weed has two legs I want him to run and bash n crash to pysch himself into the game


Essendon could have a real dip and still get rolled by 7+ goals. There is a significant gulf in class between Port and Essendon at their respective bests.

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If we get beat by 7 plus goal thats not having a real dip thats alarm bells.

A real dip is cracking in all game and only losing by 2-3 goals

You are mistaking effort and outcome.


I want both

the problem with England’s definition of Bazball


As always, first think I’m looking for tonight is all-ground, all-game intensity and pressure. First to the ball, more numbers around the ball, more on the lead. If I see that, I don’t really care about the result.

Well, of course I care, but losing to a better, stronger and more experienced team after playing a full-on game is at least bearable.

And if we do produce the full-on effort, we can win. If we don’t, we’ll be brushed aside.


Same here just dont want a repeat of last week

Yup good post

Effort, desire, will to win, pressure acts, all over the ground and locking the ball in the forward 50.

If Weed doesn’t get a touch first qtr sub him out