McDonalds Suggestions for McDav


If you’re in a hurry to go on a bombing raid over China, no better place to go than Maccas.

  1. @mcdav is this coming to Australia and
  2. When is this coming to Australia



The salted caramel pie doesnt taste like any of the things the name implies.

What it should have been called cannot be published on the Blitz.


Yeah not sure why this one has not popped up as yet. Let me get it back on the radar.

Who wanted El Maco back?


You might have got a really, really bad one.


Three times?

I really wanted them to be good…


Agree with Dingus. It was horrible. It was warm and sweet and that’s about it. Would not buy again.


It’s almost as if the perfect flavour is sitting right there waiting to happen



Mcspicy pie?




You know we do. When’s it coming?


El Maco wouldnt be permitted now. Too racist


Not sure yet, but getting momentum.


Is the salted caramel pie really new? Haven’t seen it advertised or available here but I haven’t been looking that hard and haven’t had maccas in a month-ish.

Dave how does the Chicken and Jalopeno burger go? I fkn loved that when I thought it was limited run but was certain it’d have no staying power and be forever niche. It must go OK?


vegetarian burger - but not deep fried.


The curry veg McMuffin in India is :100:

It’s a green patty of potato and miscellaneous goodness.


That one would be dead and buried by now. Was good, but not enough people bought it.


It’s funny we had a really good veggie patty in trial and no one bought it.




Next as in “another crap idea Rolo, what’s next?”

Or, that’s next, we’re definitely bringing that here.

I reckon it’s a winner.