McDonalds Suggestions for McDav


Maccas is American culture imported here & shoved down our throats with endless brainwashing ad’s & marketing aimed at “Branding” Children.

Our takeaway culture is Meat Pies & Chiko bluddy rolls mate, … or Fish 'n Chips, or a “Burger With the Lot”, . (W/ or w/out Pineapple / Beetroot).





And shame on me, . I forgot Steak Sanga’s, . and (Victory) Bacon & egg Rolls.




I’m sorry, all this bullshit is taking away from bringing back mcdonalds best item ever in the mcspicy.


I reckon the lamb wrap thing they did was the best thing ever (though I suspect I am the only one who thinks this)


I feel like I don’t even know you.


Do you guys remember when the megagod Oprah came here, and they did a plug for Macca’s? They made up some bullshit about how Macca’s were “cool” hangout places for youngsters in Aus. Everyone cracked the ■■■■■, was funny.


The Mozzarella Zinger is :100:

Between that and the Tobasco chicken earlier this year KFC is in career best form.

Maccas promo items struggling by comparison.


Mates travelling in the UK have been banging on about the Big Tasty.

Not sure if we’ve ever had it here.


Had one in Ukraine. Was okay. But I don’t think they had access to the finest quality ingredients.

Had the worst Maccas of my life in the UK.


Have they ever tried selling beer at Ozzie mac as? Could be a winner


Just buy a little bottle of tobasco for when you buy KFC and drizzle it on there (or over the popcorn chicken) and you’re set.


No and we won’t. something about selling beer over the counter in Broady or Mount Druitt which is a really bad idea.


We can’t do chicken as good as KFC because of the cooking method. I make it my ambition to change that.


wtf are you cooking the fries in then


Yeah but it’s the flavours are of the charts.

Macca’s promo stuff now is just some new random assortment of the old CYT stuff.


Surely it is time for Roo burger


Man, I have no will power. Every time this thread gets bumped I usually end up at a Maccas within 24 hours.


Bring back the lamb snack wrap FFS FFS