Medallion Club @ Marvel

At game Saturday night seated in Medallion Club with young families nearby. Gob smocked at number of loud mouthed drunken yobs parading up and down with trays of grog, and ineffective Marvel security droog resplendent in suit, tie, secret agent earpiece and enormous self importance who failed to take action against an abusive neanderthal in our bay. If this is the Medallion Club and the Medallion Club is special then get me off the boat. Not worth the money.

imagine being with the riffraff in the 80s at windy hill

I was the riffraff in the 80s at Windy Hill. My point is that the Medallion Club costs a motzah and the so called security droog was about as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Have you told them, and not just Blitz?

Typical and common in Medallion Club.

Most of the problems at the Dome start here or in private boxes where blokes get shitfaced.

Security is a joke, tell Gil !

If only we had a way to combat the behavioural issues in the stands…

Sounds like people (who paid just as much as you) made the most of their afternoon.

It’s a public event, and unfortunately people have different standards and expectations of what’s appropriate behavior.

Maybe next time it won’t be as bad for you, I know it only takes 1 or 2 idiots in a bay to wreck a really good vibe at the footy.