Melbourne Cup - 2018 onwards

I drew Finche in the office sweeps.

No farking chance.

I know nothing…but according to the bookmaker I know:

11 Yucatan
3 Magic Circle
1 Best Solution
5 Muntahaa
23 Cross Counter

Would just love to see WSTB win. Have a few dollars on Rostropovich.

I’ll take the $7 for Prince.

Don’t back slow ones.

Looked surprisingly good until the last 200.

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Horse says no.

Told you a horse would win.

Red Cardinal.
A nail biting 70 lengths.

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Always good when the battlers win

Rich people winning rich horse-races are hardly battlers.


Red Cardinal finished last.

Cliffsofmoher failed to finished, looked to me like he/she had broken it’s leg. :disappointed_relieved:

Thecliffsofmoher euthanased.

Just waiting for the bed-wetters to say all racing should be banned.

Dead horse, main camera had dirt all over it, and most importantly of all the black horses didn’t run with the red masks on. Meh.

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My horse was the one that is now clag.

Enter the animal rights activists.

I’m gonna go find me a steak.

You’re not French, are you?