Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Anyone got recommendations?


we went to see Cam Knight last night, and he was great - interacted well with the audience but not to the point of making people feel uncomfortable.

I’ve always been a fan of Arj Barker, don’t know if he’s out, but love his work.

Besides the Carlton FC always being good for a laugh, I'm going to see the one man show with Chris Taylor and Andrew Hanson on the 24th, I like their particular brand of humour. Other comedians I rate are Hannah Gadsby, Adam Rozenbachs and Colin Lane

International: Brendon Walsh


Local: Nick Cody. 

Suggestions? A visit to Talking Carlton after the last two rounds, comedy gold.

I'm a very, very big Justin Hamilton fan.

First saw him a couple of years ago at The Setlist, the improv show that makes some pretty decent performers edge towards the side of the stage.  Hannah Gadsby crashed and burned that night.  Hamilton just killed it.


Seen him twice since then just doing a standard routine.

This time he's doing something more personal, even poetic at times, but still damn funny.


I'd have no hesitation recommending him to anyone.

I go to 10ish shows every year, and have been doing so for about 15 years.


There's so much good stuff this year but it really depends what you're into.


Matt Okine (Triple J) is smashing it, as is Tim Key from the UK. Both good if you're Gen Y and into very intelligent stand-up that also doesn't take itself too seriously.


Max and Ivan are phenomenal. Basically they perform a story where each of them plays about 8 characters each (together with flash forwards and flash backs galore). Its Impossible to describe, but its great and a must see.


The Boy With Tape on His Face is great for all ages and tastes. The finale is something to behold (I won't spoil it). Has been nominated for the Barry and deservedly so.


Sam Simmons' show I thought was genius (because I'm into very weird comedy that pushes the boundaries), but others I went with hated it. If you're a fan of comics like the Mighty Boosh then you'll enjoy, but if not, youtube him beforehand so you know what you're getting yourself into.


Very small and weird (but awesome) shows: Lessons with Luis, Dr Professor Neal Portenza, anything else playing at the Tuxedo Cat.

Oh, and I friggin' love the Comedy Festival.

Love the vibe the CBD gets when it's on.

Im going to see Reginald D Arnold on Wednesday.


I usually see a few each year. I love Arj Barker but Ive seen him 4 times I think now and whereas he used to blow me away now I can predict where he's heading. I highly recommend him though.


We saw Paul foot last year and he was hilarious. Funny just to look at and his mannerisms and quirkiness had me in stitches.


Not sure if he's playing this year but Danny Bhoy was much, much better than I expected. It was a really clever show, the whole package, and I'm glad I didn't miss it.


Who's the aussie guy who looks like  an aussie bogan with a goatee, pony tail and a rock t-shirt? (did i just describe half the people on BLitz, haha!) I've seen him at the gala a couple of times, his name might be steve something... I reckon his show would be pretty good.

^Steve Hughes. Funny guy

Tim Vine was sooooooooo funny

^Steve Hughes. Funny guy

Seen him the last two years...easily the best comedian going around these days IMO

I’ll have to catch Steve next year.

Enjoyed Hannah, laughed my ■■■■ off at Sammy J and Randy.

Just back from Axis of Awesome with my daughter. Patchy, but the good stuff was very good.

Think this was done at The Comedy Festival.

Has anyone seen Rich Hall do his song about Sunshine ?

Cracked me up.

If someone finds it, please post it here.

It was 2013 CF if that helps.


Thought I'd let people know that my favorite comedian ever, Doug Stanhope, is coming to Melbourne in November at the Dallas Brooks Centre. I've already got tickets via my son so it's safe to let others know. Lots of people, including my better half, think Doug's the Bostonian(now Bisby, Arizona) version of obnoxious feral, so if you're one of those you won't care. If you know Doug and love him like I do you're already green with envy, unless you've got tickets too. I think they're available on his web site. He hates Comedy festivals so he hasn't been to the Melbourne version as far as I know.
No doubt it's a cash and dash tour and I can hardly wait. Hope he brings Bingo too. Last I'd heard he's ditched the Jagermeister but he's back on the coffin nails and I'm not sure how he'll smuggle those on stage.
The show of the Millenium without a doubt(I've given up on Keith Jarrett returning), and I don't care if he sucks, I just want to say I've seen Doug live. If you're an interstate fan I think Sydney, Adelaide and Brissy dates are scheduled and he's working on Perth.
Now he won't be doing this bit, probably his most notorious and offensive (and funny) bit and IF YOU ARE OFFENDED by the topic of abortion as comedy DO NOT WATCH IT but this was the first Stanhope bit I ever saw and my son made me watch because he said it was the bravest piece of standup he had ever seen.


Cheers for the heads up, I’m chasing up tickets now.

I reckon blitz needs a specific Stand Up Comedy thread.

yeah i got my tickets for Stanhope last week. i genuinely think hes the best comic in the world.


Dice Clay is coming down as well. i like him but im not paying $100 for him. Stanhope was $50

Got my tickets last week too. He's in my top two comics in the world (Louis CK being the other).