Melbourne priority pick

Didn’t they ask for earlier this year and it got rejected? Or was that late last year?

Either way, they’re pathetic.

Need it, don't deserve it.

they cant get a high first round, let alone two first round for Frawley. GFC got 2 for Ablett, and that was an inducement to get theprogram rolling, and he was top 3 in the comp at the time. Think Hawks got a bit less for Franklin. Frawley should be about pick 20 tops

Frawley should be compo after our pick. 

Fark Melbourne!

Fark Melbourne!

clearly someone has

Do draft prospects purposely play like ■■■■ ti avoid going too early in the draft to Melbourne?

Paul Roos is the coach guys. Gil would perform ■■■■■■■■ on him personally if he asked.

Plus did you know Lingy was going there next year? How farking impressive that’ll be.

Of course they’ll get it.


Roosy not so smug now.

Surely not talking to players after game is a dereliction of coaching duties, he can give his cash back.

Draft kids should have right to refuse to go to that train-wreck of a club.

Deesys and Roosy wanty priority picky.

get farked Melbourne, You tanked and failed at that, You get number 1 and top 10 picks and you turn them to crap, How many careers do you want to kill .

Fold this joke of a club.

The only reason that they haven't gone the way of Fitzroy is because of their name. The AFL will not have their comp without a team call 'Melbourne'

This is why they are garbage all the time. Asking for charity

This is why they are garbage all the time. Asking for charity

yep - It's become a part of their culture that if things go bad they know AFL will step in to help them. Lack of fight on and off the field. 

       History of Melbourne building a successful team.





Wattsy Jonesy Vincey

My boy McGovern