Melbourne's Burning. TOXIC smoke warning for Northern Burbs

Blitzers in the Northern Suburbs close your windows and turn off your Air Con.

Asthma sufferers etc maybe GTFO.

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I thought you meant the demons


At least thought we would’ve waited until after the loss to burn the joint down…


It’s a Chemical Waste Disposal Factory, it’s fkn huge, Toxic as hell, and they look completely powerless to stop it. It just keeps getting bigger.

It’s insane such a facility could be so close to homes in the suburbs.

when they say turn off your air con, surely they only mean evap coolers. splits only circulate the air within the room, no “fresh air” is taken in from outside the building.

i should put this in the things that annoy me thread.


MFB have done very well to contain the barstard.

Looked for all money like it was going to spread to everything surrounding it for a while.

Saw a staff CFA pumper from Rowville heading into the city this morning. Makes sense now. They’ve clearly had to pull resources from far and wide.

Yep. They looked completely overwhelmed to begin with, with just one boom, and another smaller extended which could hardly reach it due to the distance they had to keep at first. Finally began to get on top after 2 more got on site.

Yeah my brother is in the CFA out Croydon way,
He said he might have to go in to fight it.
Despite reports this one is not contained yet.
I warned him not to go. That shitz poison.
Being a scuba instructor, i use the same breathing gear & it’s not 100% protective.
I feel for everyone involved. Cancer here we come.

The greedy punters that own the joint are of questionable reputation. I wouldn’t be surprised if fire was deliberate.

They had there operating license stripped recently in conjunction with a massive currenly ongoing investigation in illegal storing of hazardous waste in the suburbs of Melb.
This is a horrifically large issue and a ticking time bomb. Hey this one has just gone off.

I would be selling up if I lived near bye.

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I had that thought too when I heard about their troubles, … but surely not with it being so explosive and poisonous and 20,000 litres of LPG in a tank right next door ,… surely not?? :no_mouth:

Apparently the owners had their licence suspended and had to close down?

And who would have their air con on today?

Protect exposures and let it burn

Yep. Busted storing 19 MILLION LITRES more than they had licensed capacity for, and in the wrong way.

Had apparently been on MFB and EPA’s radar for some time, … as well as other agencies too I heard.

Maybe they should be firmer when there’s breaches, or just police things properly. (Some “expert” on the ABC mentioned laws good, - Policing / Enforcement of them bad.)

Is this the guy with all the guns? And all the dodgy storage sites?

Shocked to hear Campbellfield is a bit stinky. Such a lovely, green, clean area normally, down between the Hume and about 9 zillion factories.

Not sure whether linked or not, but a few months ago China effectively stopped taking in “recyclables” from us, which lead to every tip in Melbourne having a huge backlog. I mostly work in large facilities, and it effectively meant no recycling for a month, everything went to landfill.

Someone possibly saw a lucrative opportunity out of that.

Yeah, not sure, but I doubt it. This was liquid Chemical waste,… and I’m fairly certain they did say IT was a recycling plant for them.

I don’t think China has been taking this stuff off us.

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A very realistic strategy for something like that. The fire will burn until it runs out of fuel. There’s a very real risk that pouring millions of litres of water onto it will just spread the chemical contamination into the nearby area.

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We had a huge chemical fire up here years ago at Narangba. Pumped thousands of litres of water onto it. Run off water looked like a melted rainbow paddlepop. The outflow caused more issues than if we let it burn.
The biggest problem is that we are expected to act. No one wants to see firies standing back watching and we would be crucified for doing so.
Would be the smartest move in such an event though.

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