Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


online it says i have to renew by the 6th of December and then i got a letter from the club saying i have to pay by the 15th of December. which one should i listen to?


@Catherine_Lio mentioned as much when talking to the Sock. Good perspective.


Earlier the better, I’d say.


The Member Pack is soooooo good the club have decided to send it twice in the space of 3 days

Can knit 6 scarfs together into a blanket now


Do AFL members with Ess club support get any of this stuff?




Renewed myself and Jnr this morning and swapped back to National from the 3 game flexis we had for this year (Brisbane residents). The revised National package is much better value now.

Just a note on the GF guarantee add on though; when I was going to renew last night online the site said the GF add on was ‘no longer available’. This add on being one of the benefits of the National package, I thought oh well, I’ll just get the 3 game flexi again and just buy GA tix for the QLD game/s. However, I couldn’t find how to renew both memberships in one transaction (surely there’s a way??) so left it and got on the phone this morning. Turns out the add on is still available (well, they sold me 2 of them, so I hope so) and overall the service was good.

Now I’m not so lid-off to think we’re likely to make the GF next year, and if we do then I’ve probably just set myself up for heartbreak (the only GF I’ve been to was 1983 and I really don’t want to go through that again!). Still, it seems like $55 isn’t much to keep the option open.


Yep, it’s a small price to pay to keep the dream alive.


Question: I received my 2018 ‘Member Pack’ yesterday, but it only contained a jumper I purchased and had no scarf or hat. It says in the email that the ‘Member Card’ will be sent separately in Feb. Have they made a mistake or do I have to wait till Feb to receive my scarf and hat?


Sounds like an error.

Maybe @Bullwinkle got yours?


Wow. I’ve been an AFL member for 6 years and never received one of these?! Who do I contact about this? (AFL membership or EFC?)


Step 1: meltdown on blitz
Step 2: ???


I got two a couple of years ago.


Worked out why we got double packs

Because we signed up to Silver Membership a few days after renewal, original pack was for the first one and then the second pack was for the new Silver, basically the exact same pack with a pissy little silver keyring included


Sounds like you ordered one of the Members Jumpers that are available to members. I’d guess your members package is still on its way. You’ll get an email with a tracking number when they send it out. Has that happened?


Is Coons still on the books at the bombers?

I’m surprised by his passion for the club after only being with us a couple of seasons at the end of his career.



Nice video and all, but jeez the name… it’s no “Windy Hill” is it.


I do hope we maintain a presence at Windy Hill.

I actually enjoy watching VFL there more than I do most Bomber games at Etihad.


That’s the plan. We will still play some VFL games there, but going forward, I’d say most of the games played there will be women’s games.

They need to do the ground up, though. Get proper change rooms etc. The Cookson stand will need to come down as well.