Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318

Up and running.

Can’t get H&A seats yet, presume that’s not available until the draw is done?

At least wait until after trade period so we know if we want to cannonise dodoro or shoot him out of a cannon


I’m in for that
Level of membership this year will be definitely determined by our trade period

I never got my infant membership for my little son from this year… I’ll still get next year’s but come on efc. It’s been 12 months.

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So… from the YESS branding, I take it Saad and Stringer are locked in.

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Nope, in typical Essendon style they stand for Liam Sumner and Jake Spencer. Loading up on those sweet, sweet DFA’s.


No really… this is our #comebackstory… for realz

Sloane and Stringer. The long game is about to pay off.

International Digital price increased by 16,7% compared to 2017…

Is it the case for all the membership packages? I wish my paycheck took the same trend! :neutral_face:

I’ll renew anyway but I hope they don’t raise the bar every year…

My pack arrived today.

Called the club today. They said that the active area is under review and they won’t know if they are running it again until mid november.

Also said that they were at capacity in 2017 and if they do offer it again, it will only be for 2017 active area members…

I was in the active area and was hoping to bring some others in… disappointing.

I will renew also, but that was the first thing I noticed…was shocked at the price.

Upgraded the wife, 3 kids and my Dad to Silver for next season.
Great assistance by the club.
They’ve had unprecedented early sign up.

Lids off. Jackets on


Don’t reckon they will have much trouble selling memberships over the next few months after our trade period.

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Ouch, just got mine in the mail a couple of days ago. We’d better make finals and/or get sweet freebies to soften the blow of that hike.

l raised this as a spin off effect in the Stringer Mk 1 thread, how many extra memberships are SSS going to be worth to the club? lIRC l estimated 6,500 more members. Perhaps the higher prices will drive some away. Conversely l wonder how many memberships the Dogs will lose as a result of their bull headed tactics.

Good on them for having a real crack at it this year. I’ve always felt they are usually a bit lapse during this time of year, like its an after thought that they should start pumping it late November after the draft.


Come Back Hirdy Snr and I will be taking up provisional MCC membership this year.

What do other Essendon MCC members do with Etihad seats? I think @redbull is one?

Looks like there’s the option of the $100 add-on of general admission to Etihad games, or according to the club, an option for reserved Etihad seats ($570 for concession in 2017, so would probably be ~$700 for adults in 2018?) Fair price to pay for reserved seats, but then there is the added carrot of access to GF tickets, which we wouldn’t be able to get as provisional MCC members.

Appreciate any advice!