Might have been my seat :slight_smile:

Last time I used the seat was rd 1 2021 vs Hawks. Finally cancelled the seat last month, still got the membership though and will go to handful of games next season.

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thanks mate

We got our family membership pack today. The two juniors got bucket hats with the old Bomber logo.

Tried to claim one (very tight fit) but they are unwilling to share…

I’m jealous. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in the member packs.

Anyone selling their 2024 members lanyard?
I’ve a little collection going that i wanna keep going.

Usually the club has sorted me out but seems this year they’re not so generous…

Looking for 2 :slight_smile:

Just tell them your pack arrived and missing. Solved

Ill give it a crack - usually its only apart of the milestone nowadays.

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All that stuff that gets sent out year on year is only available on milestones.

I get some people are annoyed at this, but it doesn’t mind me. A cap and scarf every year was way over the top and I’d end up throwing them out or passing them on to someone else who would throw them out.

I hope they keep sending the pins though. Lanyards never phased me because I kept the card in my wallet, but the pins I keep and decide which ones go on my cap.

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My 20 year member milestone pack was pretty good this year. No complaints here

My 2024 membership card holder featured Darcy Parish, Kyle Langford, Zac Merrett and Andy McGrath in the inside cover. In 2021 I think it was Joe, Walla, Raz and Conor, maybe Hepps.

Joe the full forward who swerves like a rover, Oraaaaziooo, AMT as good as you’ll see and the man with all the Gaelic moves. They didn’t get us a finals win but it feels like we’ve gone straight from a rainbow gelati with flake, ice magic and sherbet to showing off a low fat vanilla ice milk concentrate. Even the current names and haircuts look like they’ve just been at an accounting seminar.

Of course none of the flakes and tutti fruttis stayed with us and there is no doubting the qualities of our drab four. But I miss the colour of the Tulla Globetrotter days- thank goodness Sammy and Red Dog bring some crazy.


47,832 Members signed up as of 5 Dec 2023.

Compared to:

48,867 members Early Dec 2022

50k announced on 2 Dec 2021.

Yes, membership is tracking behind again. Last year we really had about 81,000 (2022: 86,000). At this rate it’s tracking below 80,000 which would see us below Geelong and Hawthorn!

Well, I’m a Member. So my money is going where my mouth is.
Having said that, it’s time we won finals (multiple) - that would be a boost to memberships!
With the cost of living and high interest rates, etc., many people have to choose where to spend their money and membership of EFC might be something that misses out.