Return of the cap: Member improvement

Flexi national members will have even more red and black to wear proudly in 2020. (Image: AFL Photos)

This year Essendon’s passionate flexi national members told us they would value a cap in their membership pack and don’t worry, we heard you!

In 2020, flexi national members will receive both a member scarf AND a cap for those lovely sunny days.

We know watching the Mighty Bombers is better with friends and family, so national members will also have the opportunity to purchase one ticket per barcode within our interstate allocation plus the option of purchasing an additional guest ticket per barcode, subject to availability.

This improvement follows an earlier announcement this week highlighting greater access for general admission members next year, with further exciting announcements still to come.

Biggest load of wank in history.

Driving Purposeful Innnovation: EFC Style.



sign me up to this please

Going to be very interesting how they try and sell 2020 as being a year for us to get excited about. Last year we got Shiel plus finished the season well, year before was Smith, Saad and Stringer.


I just received my renewal notice for 2020

they added a grand final ticket guarantee for $95

I don’t think its worth it - especially if we loose Razzle and Daniher.
should I get it removed?

My one changed from 10 monthly payments to six monthly payments

$$$$ coming through the door sooner

Thanks EFC for making your priorities clear

just ask them to change it back

I pay over 10 payments

my letter mentions that I can go to 6 payments - but that doesn’t suit me

Wasn’t it only $50 this year?

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Its a sham! The whole idea of the monthly payments was to space it out across the season to make it more affordable. This is exactly like paying gym memberships or subscriptions that you pay as you need it. This is why I signed up for the advantage membership years ago. Now the payments START in October & will be paid in full before the season even starts - whats the point? Why not simply wait till the start of the season & pay then?? Paying the money up front is no longer an issue for me but I think this will be a struggle for many of our members especially this side of Xmas & why should we pay for season 2020 in 2019???. Its just farking greedy & inconsiderate of the club. My letter didn’t mention anything about the option to change it but I will be asking the question.

guarantee is $95
says it on my letter

you can still pay over 10 months.

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The Grand Final guarantee has gone up from $55 for season 2019 to $95 for season 2020.

Was definitely $50. Disappointing it’s nearly doubled.


In unrelated news, the price for flexi members has increased by $99.99!

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :hushed:


Ferking laughable really.

EFC 2020 - "More Balls than you ever imagined!"

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There’s obviously demand for it. Can’t guarantee everyone so gotta pay for the guarantee.

Good thing is nobody is forced to pay it.


that doesent mean its not unfair to people who want it. i get the guarantee as well and the club has been nowhere close to getting to a GF. the least they could do is keep the price reasonable…

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my flexi has gone down by $30

edit: sorry down $85

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