Michael Red Symons

Still more chance than Joe though

He wore a customised moulded boot that was supposed to help with his kicking but I don’t think it really worked.

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I was at a nightclub here in Geelong many years ago and Micky Symons was out on the turps. A mate of mine called “Greg” grabbed a napkin and sidled up beside him and asked “Do you mind signing this for my nephew? And can you make it out too…ummm…Greg please?”.

He’s still got it.


The Geelong Hotel, or The Lyric?

Those were the days…

Didn’t he also miss one from straight in front in the last quarter?

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Does anyone know what is he doing these days?


96 was his best year iirc

I know years ago he used to sell stationery and other office supplies.

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Yep, I believe he moved to Slough in the UK a few years back to work at Wernham Hogg as a paper salesman.


Had big pipes

A few less cones might have been a good idea when he was playing. Ripper bloke though.

Maybe there is a small resemblance of Gareth

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Was that adelaide game Mark Harvey’s last match where he ran off the wing lining up Adelaide players? I was there for that game as well. Great match.

There was a game in 93 against Hawthorn at Waverley where these two blond kids played really well, I think they both took lots of sick marks. I thought they both were going to be guns. I was half right.

Very unlucky to miss the 93 flag. Did some pretty exciting things in 1993 in big games. Kicked a nice goal or two against Carlton. I changed my number from 4 to 12 in 1994 as too many suddenly had Wanganeen on their back and I thought Symons would keep getting better and better.

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But in that 93 final against Carlton, he was given a 100 metre penalty and he missed the goal. I reckon that cost him his spot the next week. He couldn’t get back in and missed a chance to be part of a premiership team.

Harvey conned Jarman into giving us a fifty from the southern wing, and was really happy with himself.

I remember Gary Moorcroft and Barry young in the second half just looking to hurt Adelaide players bloody brilliant

Yes five goals down at half time, Gary Moorcroft took someone out at the start of the third, the Crows thought, nar, we’ve got a finals series coming up, this is a bit hot , you can have the points, and roll th3m a proper Essendon side did.