Michael Red Symons

What ever happened to this bloke after he left in 99 back to w.a? I have been watching bomber blitz 1993 on YouTube to remind of happier times going to the footy , yes he could shank a kick but the boy could mark!


I remember back when he was in the reserves before he made the seniors. I used to get to all the games early and watch the reserves play and some of the hangers he took were unbelievable. One of the ones he took in the reserves at the MCG was one of the best marks I have ever seen.


I remember going to princess park in 1994 he kicked 6 at full forward against Adelaide! Very much a confidence player


I remember that mark, wing, southern stand side. Ridiculous. There must be some club footage somewhere of it.

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I also remember in 93 when he received a 100m penalty and had a shot from dead in front and shanked it.



(He kicked five, not six, versus Adelaide. It was an awesome month when Salmon was out and he kicked 5, 3, 3, 6, and 4 goals.)



5 against the Crows, kicked 6 against the Tuggers at Princes Park a few weeks later.
I felt a bit sorry for him as he missed the 93 flag after playing most of the season including finals and then retired in 99 so potentially missed the 2000 flag.
Real unorthodox kicking style but man could he grab a mark and tried his guts out most weeks


And one of the first few players who started to wear the gloves , even just the one on some occasions

Good spotting on the 5 goals against the crows :+1:

That’s the one , diesel from memory

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Agree he got the most out of himself playing wise , I just miss the 90’s great times going to the footy and Rex hunt calling him red Symons in his commentary

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Yep that’s the one. I can still picture it in my head. What a grab.

The run up.

For some reason I recall him suffering one of the most bizarre injuries… it was something like breaking his leg by falling over when putting his shoes on.

May be off on the memory, I was only young back then.

This thread is totally missing on the best thing about Symons - he had the body of a 21st century footballer all the way back in the 90s.


Remember the banana he kicked on the run to put us 2 goals up in last quarter of the 96 prelim?

I can still hear my dads voice saying: “kick it Michael… yessss”


We sorely lack marking power up forward at the moment.

Did someone say 'late inclusion?"


The days when we had players who excited us, not always good, but always the unexpected.
We are so vanilla these days, it’s depressing.


This guys name got a good work out on the school footy oval. Plenty of backs were jumped on with an accompanying scream of “Michael Symmmmmmooooons”. Good times!


i commend Michael symons for going to the 1993 grand final and watching it instead of having a whinge like derrick kickett and running away

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Sneaky chance

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