Mid Season Draft — Operation Replace Devon completed

Agree with WOB we don’t need a ruckman. Even if Bellchambers and Clarke go down there is no way we would be playing them ahead of McKernan, Stewart or Daniher. Our team would lose more by playing a substandard ruckman then by playing a forward out of position.

With one disclaimer - unless it’s Nathan Lovett-Murray we draft.

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I had Bowman on my wish list for the end of the year, wouldn’t be opposed to bringing the schedule up a few months.

What’s Hugo Munn been up to this year??

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I couldn’t disagree more. Don’t you remember what happened in 2015 when McKernan was outsized? It would be far worse if Joe or Smack had to go into the ruck for long stints


Just so everyones aware, a feller by the name of Adam Tipungwuti has nominated for the draft (full list here)


My point is we aren’t going to find any ruckman who does anything near AFL standard. Coach to opposition ruckman if the doomsday scenario occurs - don’t try filling a spot with someone who can’t dill the gap.

Have a quick look at some footage of him kick.

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I would be happy with another Guelfi type.

Somebody who has is reasonably quick and athletic and has a crack.

Somebody we can develop into a role player.

I think you’ll find a low quality ruckman will be far more effective than a low quality mid (who will never get an AFL game). At least with a big ruck you can batter the opposition ruck and still be some what useful to the team.

interesting how he says the ducking gave him headaches and a sore neck.

first comment from an active player on its self destructiveness?

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A state league 205cm brute is going to provide far more than Stewart or Smack in at the very least nullifying the bigger rucks of the league.

If he’s actually any good (and BOG on weekend so aceman says) then it’s not inconceivable he would challenge Clarke for main ruck if Belly went down.

No way do we risk JD playing full time ruck nor would we want to take him away from the fwd line.

We also need someone competent in the VFL for the benefit of that team playing well, progressing to finals as its important for development of our young talent/depth.


Screw the rules lets draft 2MP.


Would be so Essendon to pluck a ruck out of the sanfl and play him in front of Clarke when we wouldn’t give Draper the same opportunity.

This Knoll had better be considerably better than Clarke and Draper or it would be a waste.


Does anyone know what the rules regarding contracts for these draftees are? do they receive a 6 month contract or do they need to be picked up for longer?

Just watch us get Kristian Jaksch.

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Why would it be a waste?

Gives us cover we need now.

And Belly and Clarke only have a few years left probably. We are always going to need more than one genuine ruck on the list when they done, not just Draper. Why not get one in and train them up accordingly & if good enough retain so he will be ready.


That’d be some Sheedy era drafting right there.

I’m sold. WSPHU!

Mediocre rucks are the greatest commodity in the game. You can find them anywhere.

As you say we currently have both Belly and Clarke for now as well as some part timers.

I just think it would be ironic replacing Drapers place on the list with a hack from the sanfl and then debuting him first.


Drafted until the end of the year, after can either be put onto the rookie list if both player and club agree or becomes a delisted free agent

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Thanks. Sounds pretty flexible. Not much to lose from taking a punt on a state league ruck then.

EFC should be targetting the best 19 year old playing in the TAC or in the State League - There are always a few 19 year olds drafted, so in effect you are getting them six months earlier - I expect a few clubs to take this approach.