Mid Season Draft — Operation Replace Devon completed

Couldn’t find a thread for this. (But merge if necessary). Here’s an article:

Notice Jerret and HepA in the draft. Wish them all the best.

Not sure if we need anyone… would we think about Aaron Black as a ready made fwd backup in case of injuries in run to the finals?

lol wait, is the mid season draft actually a thing?

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IN: Jerrett*


*to some pleb club

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We’re not in this, are we? I thought Zlarke filled our last possible spot?


Geez, if we ever have the need for Aaron Black we should lock the doors and fold the club


Unless we call a season ending injury on someone we’ve got no involvement in this.

Aren’t both Neagle boys tied to the Hird Acadmey?

They are older. Would have already been passed over in various drafts.


3 of them are playing for Central Districts in the SANFL

This is one of my biggest criticisms of Dodoro.

He re-drafted Dea as a 5th rookie…to be depth for a part of the field that we are already chock-a-block with young options coming through…and in doing so, shut the door on any participation in this mid-season draft.

I reckon, having pick 9 in this draft, or probably earlier if any other clubs below us are stupid enough not to participate, would have been a very handy option…


If we were to participate in the mid season draft, we would select Dea anyway. This way we got in early.


Would of loved to see Hep Jr play with us or even one of the Neagle boys

Can players from vfl and other leagues nominate?


Not really

They are saying that majority of lower league players are going to have nowhere near the fitness needed to cope at being thrown straight into AFL. On top of time in learning game plans etc.

And the selections are more likely going to be used to get a head start on conditioning for players for 2020 seasons.


Lol Kristian Jaksch

Don’t we have a rookie spot because of Lavendar?

Or is that only for Cat B, non-AFL type people?

To be clear, I’m not trying to fill a list need for this 2019 season. My interests in this draft are all for the long-term…try to get the next Matt Parker or Guelfi onto our list…or the best 18/19 year old who was passed over in the draft, but has started their season well…

For all we know, the AFL could invent more priority picks at the end of this season for mature age players. Suddenly, it’s a part of the draft pool that we can’t get top end access to…but maybe we could have, at this mid-year draft.


We’re not in at this point, correcct. An it’ll stay that way unless we pick up an lti.

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