Mid Season Draft


We must, must draft Knoll.

Welcome to Essendon, Grassy.


And here I was hoping for “Shannon” :rofl:


You’ll be waiting at the counter like the little boy.


I’m concerned that if he’s plucked from a lower grade straight in to the AFL then he’ll be pushed around, knocked to the ground.


But if he isn’t selected would be thinking it isn’t fair


What about Tom’s knee?


Our ruck situation … it isnt fair. Ive had enough, i want my share.


Heard him say, he’s had enough and wants his share.



Oh, wait…


Indeed. He’d be good to put on Kennedy.


yep - it’s worth a shot


It would be his first game though. He might not even fire a shot.


I think we need a ruckman.

But the question is, is there a ruckman out there good enough to play for us and make an instant impact?


What song is that from?


Wasn’t a song, but did figure on the Zapruder tape.




I tend to agree. Go and look at team selection and the people who are asking Stringer to ruck. Makes no sense removing Stringer from the forward line because we are short on rucking options. Hell, our forward line is so short on tall players that “Hooker Forward” is now considered a good move.


Sounds like the noise made when pulling a stick out of mud


I think we NEED a ruckman. Imagine if Bellchambers is injured for a long time…

Injury-prone Clarke would be the only one left at a time where teams are deploying 2 rucks.


Both McKernan and McNernan will be back soon, so we might be covered. Do we even need both?