Midfield Woes: Instant fix


This kid can seriously play, had a few injuries but I think he is tracking pretty well and he is absolutely the kind of powerful mid we need. I’d be going hard.


But he has a funny name


He’s Melksham but good.


The guys I would be targeting and the price I would be willing to pay are:

  • Kelly: well, duh. Probably cost our 2017 & 2018 first round picks, worth it.
  • Rockliff: perfect fit, can also play forward so multi-dimensional, wouldn’t cost any picks and we have cap space. A no brainer to fix our clearance issues, and a (draft pick) cheap price.
  • Hopper: inside mid, fills a need. Issue is that he’s unproven, but so is everyone in the draft. Looks good to date off limited viewings. Injuries would reduce the cost. Taken top 5 I think, you would be hoping to use our first and get a mid-second rounder back given recent GWS “prices” on trades (think Pickett, Ahern, Marchbank, Steele, etc.)
  • De Goey: Was pick #5 in 2014, and looks like he’ll be very good. Has off-field issues and some injuries, but they may just reduce his price. The upside is definitely worth it. Ironically, Collingwood paid 2 second rounders for a #7 pick (Aish), so we should use the same pitch!
  • Zac Jones: Older, so a better automatic fit to the side, has pace and is tough. Some issues around disposal, and uncertain how much he’s inside versus has to stay in the back line. I think he can transition, and we need to replace Kelly/Bags soonish anyway. Sydney often trade out cheaply (look at Mitchell last year), so could be gettable for a mid-round second round pick.
  • Balic: Very unproven, with limited WAFL form. Desperately wants to get home. From the 2015 draft, and was a second rounder who probably would have gone higher except for a wrist injury. Appears over that. Given the lack of games, and his desperation to get back to Vic, shouldn’t cost more than a third rounder. In a weak draft, I’d definitely roll the dice on that.

Have I covered everyone! :laughing:

We’ve not got a great record at trading, so I’d be happy with any of the first five. If we got any two of them, I’d be pretty happy, especially if the draft is as shallow as some are saying.


Contract status?


End of 2018


Would cost a mint this year in that case.


Yep. Rats.

Although, you never can be sure.


How anyone thinks two first round picks for Kelly is too much on our end is just crazy to me, he’s going to be one of the top 5 players in the league.

It’s annoying we aren’t even being mentioned in the race for him.


Yep, probably a first rounder as a minimum. I rate him highly and probably even more than Hopper. If we miss out on a big fish I’d seriously look at him


Martin/Kelly aside, I hope Zak jones is our #1 target. He’s a gun


Cmon Ace, tell us. Are we in the market for a “big fish”?


I loved JJ and the way he went, but skillful he was not. Prolly modern day version of him would be Taylor adams, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want him in our starting 22.

Granted with the like of JJ and a few others, the bad end of their careers make them seem not as good as they were, his 2000-04 ish was pretty awesome, skill errors and all, but he went down hill very quickly.


I would hope so but I have my doubts


You wouldn’t want Taylor Adams in our best 22. Seriously?

I can handle people criticising players for weaknesses but???


I’d love it if Taylor Adams was on our list and wasn’t in our best 22. That would be an extremely strong best 22.


JJ was waaaay better. He was an absolute freak at his best.


I have a vivid memory of a very wet afternoon at the G against St Kilda where we lost by less than a goal. Riewoldt was beaten by McPhee but kicked two big late goals. I think Pev may have transgressed too, but JJ ran into the goalsquare and missed.


Despite what someone said above, my memory is that JJ was pretty poor shot for goal on the run, but actually pretty decent from a set shot no more than 40m out.

I think people are generally being harsh on his skills. He wasn’t a silky player by any stretch, but he was significantly better than a Priddis/Peveril type.


It’s like you guys haven’t watched the comeback game a few dozen times. 3 of the best running goals from JJ you will see.
Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3