Midfield Woes: Instant fix


I know Lloyd played an amazing game that day, but my strongest memory of that game is how good JJ was. Just completely dominated the midfield for three quarters.


Was JJ’s best ever game.


I’m not sure what’s being talked about because I’m 10 cans under but FMD Adams would be a walk up start to our midfield. Sure he shanks em every now and then (cue essington) but he’s a seriously talented player


Taylor Adams? We’re discussing whether JJ either had silky Dean Rioliesque skills, or if he kicked worse than Peverill and handballed worse than Lloyd.


I’m not usually one to bag umpires 16 years after a game, but just before the 21 minute mark of that video the umpiring that results in a Pickett goal is questionable


You could say the umpire deserves a paddlin’


Certainly deserved a paddlin’ at the time, unfortunately the statute of limitations saves him now


hes the most “eeehhh” of the Pies very “eeehhh” midfield brigade
Win hard ball
Handball sideways

He’d get a game for us but not by much.


Have heard we are into Masten again and a second rounder would likely get it done even though he has 2 years to run on his contract.
Have any of you guys heard anything on this?


Geez really, pretty underwhelming player.


I agree.
Plus he is the squibbiest player that ever squibbed


A 28 year old underperforming midfielder that barely does anything with his touches. Where do we sign?


Please God no.

Need a tough inside mid Please with some height.


I don’t really watch the Eagles much, but when you have Priddis, and you need to go and get Redden to bulk up your inside game, somehow that doesn’t scream to me that Masten who was already there could be that great.

That said, if he doesn’t cost a whole heap in salary cap and is only a second rounder, well, I’ve seen worse gambles. And you would assume Worsfold knows his strengths and weaknesses. Why is he interested in leaving though? Because I hope we’re not throwing silly money at him, like Collingwood and Mayne.


It’s been said already.



plus we have enough small mids, and ones better than Masten


Plus he is an absolute ■■■■■■



Seriously, we should try to land at least one of Kelly, Martin and Rockliff, as well as hopper. That would be viewed as a success for sure.


Why isn’t anyone discussing the fact that we’re getting Jarrad Mcveigh? Are we living in denial?


Considering our talls got pantsed today by Waite and Brown (albeit Ambrose to come back) do we take a look at Lever?

Can he take on the big defender or is he more like Hurley and plays the attacking role?