Midfield Woes: Instant fix


Stevo says Gaff can be got.


I reckon it would cost pick 12


We need someone with serious tatts.


Gaff? Sure, where do I sign?


If we did get him I reckon it changes Zerrett role pretty substantially


Gaff would be a huge get


Sounds like more games from Paul Connors.


Do we have a source on this Gaff stuff or is this just horseshit!t?


Hope we do push for Gaff - adds plenty of instant class and speed to the midfield, is Victorian, Worsfold link, ideal age at 25. Get it done pls!




Would trade the first round pick in an instant for Gaff. He is quality. The thought of him delivering lace out bullets to our forwards is tantalizing. Not sure why West Coast would trade him unless they are in rebuild mode.


wont get gaff.


You seem to be repeating yourself.

How about Lever? Will we get him?


Come on down … Lachie Whitfield


I fit that bill and I’m a better kick of the pill than masten


wont get lever.


How about pittard?


Save our cash and target Sloane and Crouch next year


will get pittard.


Maybe west coast don’t see Gaff re-signing with them next year? If so it makes sense to trade him now to try maximise the return. I’m not sure where the talk has come from though, wouldn’t pay much attention to Stevens’ info. Seems he’s not all that well informed.