Midfield Woes: Instant fix


We have the deepest group of key/third up backs in the competition plus we are probably playing the best one we have deep forward. Lever is a nice player but he isnt for us.


No, our keys are in the best shape they’ve been in years. If our mids were as good as key position players we’d be right at the pointy end of the ladder. We need to target mids


A second rounder for an under performing 28 year old midget? I don’t care how much say anyone else at the club has in it, if Disco lets that kind of deal through he will forever lose Jackets status.


I’m not sure Aceman would have meant that as it sounded. Pretty sure Masten is a free agent so we wouldn’t be paying a second rounder. I’m not saying I want him


As Ace said in his post, Masten has 2 years left on his contract. He’s not a free agent.


2 years left on decent coin. Not a FA


Ah right. Thanks


Worsefold would know his value. I’d back him to poach an eagle or two he thought would be good for us.


Masten = 4th round pick trade


And I still wouldn’t take it.


Any other good midfield options available, other than the GWS boys and Rockcliff?

Let’s be honest, we’ll end up with pittard and Mcveigh


Il fucken burn Tullamarine if we get masten


Got a few guys who will move into different roles next year. Hopefully Parish is on ball more with McGrath, McKenna, Raz and Walla all spending time in the middle. I don’t think there’s too much to panic about if we don’t pull a big name (also means we don’t need to trade out McKennas and Zaka’s).

Heppell, Zerrett, Parish, Langford, Laverde, Zaka, Goddard, Begley, McGrath with McKenna, Raz and Walla all moving through seems more than workable.

There’s question marks over Langford and Laverde and hopefully it starts to come together for those guys.

Seems like Myers will be used and Colyer. They may yet recapture something but pretty decent depth at worst.

The thing we may really need is someone to replace McGrath and Kelly in defence. Might end up needing to draft and trade for that.


Bet I’m worse


I agree that our midfield isn’t looking that bad considering how much improvement there is to be reasonably expected.

Zerrett, Heppell, Zakka, Parish, McGrath, Colyer, Raz, Walla, McKenna, Green, Myers, Fridge, Langford, Lav, Mutch, Ridley. I reckon we are only one midfield beast away from a decent midfield and maybe some more with some run.

Tend to agree that defense recruitment is probably more of a priority, replacing Kelly, McGrath and soon Bags, with tough but fast and skilful backs who can do mid time would be massive.

Given we’ve got improvement to come from Parish, McGrath, McKenna, Fridge, Ridley, Langford, Lav, Mutch and Ridley we may already be doing okay. Who knows what we will get out of the likes of Franga (I would love it if he could be our midfield beast, a long shot but we will know more next year). Then there is Redman, Clarke and even Morgan and Long.

I’m used to having players I think we should definitely move on, but other than the older brigade, I’m very interested in what the younger ones can do given a bit more time.


Someone, anyone tell
Us that we’re up to our necks n a player that can help in the middle!


I have been thinking about our current midfield stocks. With the game at the moment being all about pressure and forcing a turnover could Essendon adopt a midfield of Zerrett, Parish and McGrath and fix the midfield? They all apply manic pressure, are clean one touch players and have excellent awareness and skills. Would instantly solve our slow midfield issue.

I guess it is clearly missing a bull inside mid, but it would be interesting to see how it would go in rotations next year. Some of the best midfielders recently are not those big midfielders, think Mitchell, West, Selwood.


Colyer - average at best
Walla - good for 3rd rotation
Green - not a midfielder at all, small forward.
Myers - done
Relying alot on the 3 draftees from last year.
McGrath will move into the middle, maybe Goddard goes back on HBF so chasing Lever may not be a bad thing.

Still need 2 gun mids, the first 5 players you’ve mentioned gives us a good start, but need to bat deeper


Personally, i still think the development (or not) of Langers and Jayden will define our midfield strength. As you noted, the first few names are as close to guaranteed success as we can expect. The two L’s would give us immense flexibility if/when they “make it”.


I agree, hence why I think we just need to bite the bullet and play them both as perminant mids through pre season and early next season.


Young 23 YO pacey rebounding defender, I’m keen on him. Get McG or McKenna further up the ground.