Midfield Woes: Instant fix


Left one too


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it’s earie how quickly something can turn into a pun thread


This is just objectively wrong. Gaff is an elite disposer by foot.

I think he is a star who runs, carries, kicks beautifully and kicks goals- and in exactly the right bracket. Anyone who thinks we don’t need him is having a laugh.


The other thing is, teams are reluctant to run one genuine tag, it’d be incredibly rare to run more than one, so if we have Gaff, and he’s the guy getting tagged it reduces the close attention on Zaka and/or Zerret, it’s all about depth and class. A midfield of

With bursts from Tippa Fanta McKenna starts look pretty fair when you consider it the development hopefully to come from Parish McGrath and Langford and the possibility of contributions out of Mutch Begley and pick 12 ish, you never know…

Edit, scratch pick 12!


Absolutely outclassed yesterday


Watching Sydeny pour on the pressure was a pretty big eye opener, Heppell, Zaka, Colyer, Myers, Tippa, Fanta didn’t have a clue what to do with or without the ball, Parish was the only one from our team who actually held his own when the heat was turned up and even tried putting pressure back onto the Sydney guns.


I was at work last night so didn’t watch the West Coast Game, What were Gaff’s 34 disposals like?


With Watson going we have literally no inside bull on the list with fanatical attack on the ball. Sydney have JPK and Parker who are elite in this area. I reckon we will go backwards before we improve, and hope that they are willling to make some hard decisions on list cloggers.


With a big pre-season Begley could very quickly become that player. But it’s probably more realistic to hope for that in 2019.


He’d need 3 imo to be more than a 50% midfield time player


Kobe Mutch.

Not in size but makes up for it with his fanatical attack, bring him the fck in.


How about just chuck Hurley into the middle?


I agree.

Woosha said in his presser we will develop from within.

To do this we will have to move some people to the midfield (McKenna, McGrath, Begely and Lav) and adding Mutch and Langford. Which will leave holes in the backline and there is a crapload of uncertainty with it.

I think we might be able to use Redman and Ridley down back, but again lots of uncertainty and pretty young.


Horrible. Even worse he runs only one way, no defensive efforts at all.


West coast lose Mitchell and Priddis this year. Shuey was unimpressive this year as well so look out when he gets more attention. They are in trouble.

Gaff is not our answer - we already have Zaka.


If we are relying on Mutch to solve our inside bull problem, we are royally farked. If you saw him next to Cripps, Fyfe, JPK etc. the reason would be obvious. Also, he is no guarantee to make the grade, let alone become someone who can compete with these types.


We are too small and light in the middle. We got bashed up in there in Saturday. With Jobe (191cm/93kgs according to EFC website)) retiring and Goddard (193/94) a possibility to move into a half-back role, our midfield could end up looking like:

Z.Merrett (180/80)
Zaharakis (180/75)
Heppell (189/82)
Myers (191/88)
Colyer (175/75)
McGrath (178/78)
Parish (180/78)

That’s only Heppell and Myers over the 6ft mark. We badly need Langford (191/90) and Laverde (191/88) to really establish themselves as senior footballers to add some size to that midfield group, otherwise we will continue to be monstered inside. Even if you add some of our burst options such as Raz (177/77) and Walla (171/76) or a young kid like Mutch (187/83) they aren’t big boys.