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there was talk of him joining the VFL team.

All the best to him with whatever he decides.


According to Paul Amy, VFL draw should be out next week.

We’ll play Frankston in Frankston first game, first weekend in April.


Paul Amy on Twitter:

Two additions to the Essendon VFL list: Edyn Sibbald from St Bernard’s and ex-Geelong Falcon and Bendigo Pioneer Jamieson Sheahan. And Sam Hooper is back with the Dons after missing all of 2017 with a knee injury.



Writings on the wall for good young players like Nash. If he still harbours any AFL ambition then he knows he needs to have more responsibility than what he would get at the bombers.

Ravaged by injury this season but can play.


Will never make it sadly. Kicking atrocious. He wont die wondering though


Yeah, he’s a goer though.

Bit like Aaron Heppell. Good player but not quite good enough for AFL.

I was a little surprised that Nick Hind didn’t get a chance though. I thought his pace would be valuable to some clubs.


download it here: http://vfl.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2017/12/2018-Peter-Jackson-VFL-Fixture-20.12.17.pdf



woot… thanks Doe.


A poor draw for those who like to watch VFL. Four direct clashes with the AFL.


Yep it’s a nightmare draw really. Was so excited to come over for the Dreamtime game this year and do the vfl/afl double.

One of our favourite things was coming over for the weekend and seeing both the vfl and afl games.

Grumpy. Again.


The VFL administrators must hate big crowds.


That’s why they play at grounds that can’t hold 10k.


It is frustrating. Thought they had a winner with the Dreamtime curtain raiser.


Essendon home games are free so I don’t think they are concerned about the size of the crowd.

It is disappointing though that they can’t plan a little better to not have these clashes. I’m guessing the club may request clashes where possible to align with the senior team as much as possible for training purposes.


I think what is most important in a draw is when our AFL team plays before the VFL so we don’t have to leave out the 23rd (and sometimes 24th) best player as an emergency.


Crowds still matter for any number of reasons such as sponsorship exposure, and of course the players would rather not play in front of empty stands. I was big on trying to get our fans back to the VFL, friendly fixturing helps.
The club have traditionally requested to play on the same day where possible for recovery purposes, but definitely don’t like and do not request clashes. They’re not only hard for the fans but also for staff/coaches and volunteers who work both. Hopefully they might be able to get one or two of the times changed to avoid a few.


Yeah, I go most weeks but if it clashes with the big boys I wont go.

I do scratch my head sometimes though and wonder why the cant get the fixturing right.

It’s great fun though and the quality of football is great in my opinion and you have a lot less of the congestion issues we have at AFL level.


We could revisit the past and play before some matches before the firsts ?

You would get bigger crowds and we all would spend more money on pies and beer.


Yeah I pushed pretty hard for curtain raisers - got one my first year and none since. Doesn’t really seem to be on their radar.