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Any idea why?
Is there a reluctance to use the main stadiums for lesser events for fear of damaging the surface?


It’s a shame. It was a great way to (try) spot a future star coming through.


Well, that is why they were removed in the 1st place, … so yeah.


A combination of factors I think but certainly difficulties with stadia is one yep.


Probably a cost factor aswell. Would cost a fair bit more to have Etihad/MCG opened earlier for staff, security etc. Then after the VFL game you would have to either empty the ground and allow AFL ticketed people to enter or herd all of the VFL only supporters into 1 area to make it easier to shunt them out at the end of the game.
A few years back they used to schedule a SANFL game occasionally before the AFL game at Football Park and it was a logistical nightmare hence why they stopped it


Get to Windy Hill, can’t encourage it more strongly. It feels like real footy to me, reminds me of playing and being involved in that kind of atmosphere, I love it. Not to mention seeing the kids coming through, something I’ve always enjoyed doing as someone who enjoys studying the game.
The VFL is IMO still a pretty underutilized resource by the club but we made some strides in that area over the past couple of years, in particular I loved hosting a couple of President’s type game day functions at WH last year. Inexpensive, great atmosphere, players and staff mingling with members then watching the game, they were fantastic days IMO. Really hope that continues next year and the ground isn’t lost, though this draw makes things tricky.


But I cannot take in my esky full of VB or smoke a packet of Marlboro, like we did in the 70’s !


Perhaps not but I’d suggest you might not be alone in trying…


You can take an esky and some meat for the barbie to the Pies game at Vic Park, probably smokes too. It’s an area that Essendon really needs to step up :smiley:


The $5 cost for a tinny at the VFL, is way more reasonable than the mega price asked for the AFL plastic wrapped apparent liquid gold, and they are almost always nice and cold so I don’t mind paying that, especially if the profit is going into EFC VFL coffers.

I’ve always assumed it did/does, … is that correct @Catherine_Lio ?


You can take an esky etc, but the Collingwood fans beat you up and drink them and smoke them themselves.



I actually don’t know - I can certainly ask. I have a strange feeling they are contractors that come in and rent space - I believe the food vans are.

I thought UDLs were the official drink of the VFL?


Or you could ask the guy who’s been VFL President the last 3 years who you were talking to :rofl:

Beers bought from the bar are out of the social club, owned by the club (though there are no “Essendon VFL coffers” as such), so you’re good :wink:


You know how it is Paul.

Yesterday you were a rooster and now the feather duster.

When you run for the Board, do you get the full address and contact details on all those eligible to vote, like you do when you run for local, state or federal gov.

I find it hard to understand that from 50,000 eligible voters less than 3000 vote.

Anyway, there is next year !


I certainly do Bacchus ha ha.

Nah we don’t get any voter info, unfortunately a content membership base means an extremely low voter turnout. Happy that we managed to create a pretty content member base though from where we were.

A couple of extremely worthy incumbents the next few years mate, I won’t be running against them.


We should implement compulsory voting …


I’m well ahead of you mate. Went down to Bernard’s Magic Shoppe and got some of that black wax you put on your teeth, some stinky B.O. gas and a hunchback suit. My plan is to infiltrate the ranks, steal their beer ( as long as it’s not that fucking Great Northern shit) and slink off to the Bomber end with a packet of Horizon 90s.


A lot of green cans are bought from the Social Club on match days…


So if a Candidate cannot get access to Members lists then how can they communicate with Members?

Relying on the few hundred words in the stuff sent out by the Club is a joke and no wonder ex-players can dominate votes.

I am sure that most Members do not understand that the actions of the Board start the quest to win flags, and can prevent it as well.

Good luck with your future Paul, soufflés can rise twice though !


Yeah I agree, my personal view is there’s some reform needed in the process mate, I’d personally like to see much more information made available to the members through official channels, but I’ve been banging on about that for a few years now, we’ll see what happens there.
Can’t force people to vote, and if a player enters in a big field they’re always going to win, knew that the second I saw the nominations. I think most of the time former players are appointed (as Heff was) or put into a small field with a vacant seat for that reason, but Sean’s nomination was a surprise to everyone this time. I’m sure he’ll do a good job.

I’m not quite as light as a soufflé, but appreciate the metaphor thanks ha ha. Never say never.