Miscellaneous VFL comments and articles

Curtain raisers would be great. Don’t think they like having the turf affected however for the big leaguers.

Colyer essentially played AFL all this season when fit

Lost Hind but gained Ham, and that Moz bloke whose got serious wheels.

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I’d love to listen to that interview, however the risk of exposure to Healy and Dwayne “■■■■■■■” Russell is way too great.


He said VFL players…


Needing to build body up and also completing year 12 will mean mostly VFL. At family day Dan Richardson apparently said he is 1-2yrs away.

Woosh as we have seen with other young players is big on development at reserve level

Well worth heading down to try out the kiosk hot chips for and watch his games.

DJR’s Irving reports are going to take theDJR to Blitz VFL legend status.


Does the club know he’s wandering around family day ruining everything for everyone?

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Well… not everyone @theDJR

By 1-2 years he means round 1 right?

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I suggest the edit of one more o before Noonan comes hunting.



or make it part of the membership application. for all members who startup before the start of the season.

I reckon he got there the day still went to Williamstown game on freezing rainy afternoon

Horrific day to watch footy and wind coming straight off the bay

Committed to Frang intercept mark watch

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That doesn’t narrow it down much.

It’s always like that.


This year.

Been a legend for ages obviously though!

When is the fixture due out?

Today I thought.

Me too … but apparently not… in the next week or so

I thought Paul Any said Thursday?


Next week.