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NB out, Frankston in


North M and Werribee are splitting for 2018, Both fielding a team.


C’mon Port Melbourne… throw a spanner into the Richmond lovefest.


They can throw in the whole toolbox as far as I’m concerned


Not sure what the wraps are on Miles, haven’t sighted him, but gee Krakouer is having a cracker in his 8th vfl game. Like


Cain is able. Come on.


Chol :crazy_face:

If Port were vaguely competent with their kicks forward they’d be winning this easy.

EDIT: snap goal, Port back in front.


Yep, a touch of bad old days Essington in Port’s entries. A touch of Essendon in their exciting movement


Been a pretty worthy game for a GF thus far.


Be nice to have another Misiti playing in the red and black.


This is great


No it’s not. Port two easy misses, give away a goal and Richmond supporters continue to have all good things


Back to 7 points. It’s a ripper…


It’s crazy. Port far more enjoyable football but Richmond too big at both ends. And as good as Pinwall has been the Captain has made some terrible decisions in the last



1pt in it, 26 mins gone


1 point!!




Best final all year