Miscellaneous VFL comments and articles


Do you think any of the 4 players invited could make a career in the AFL?


Pretty annoyed at the scheduling of the last round. Currently living a 10 minute walk away from K-Park, and was looking forward to wandering over and watching the VFL game. Think if we cough up our game against GC this week, I might just go and watch the VFL rather than an effective dead rubber against Fremantle. But then, it will probably be a farewell game for a number of players… Just annoying.


Belated comment: Ben Jolley played his 250th VFL game last week (52 with us, 198 with wee Willy). Only eight VFA/VFL players have done that.


@theDJR where did Grimley end up? He didn’t go back to Subi - is he playing VFL?


Is playing local footy for Heidelberg.




Also J Watts looks great in the famous #65 in the famous pink and blue for Casey who seem to be playing at a (famous) VAFA divvie 3 ground with no stands at all.


TV hoodoo smashed.


Does anyone know who from the team got an invite to the Liston tonight?


Anyone know if the Sean Gregory named Full Back for the VFL Team of the Year is the same Sean that was on our list a few years back?
Any VFL watchers know if he’s been noticeably good when we played Coburg?


Yes he’s the same bloke. Tom Wallis plays for Coburg too.



Winner 18 votes (15 games)

Howlett 10 votes (10 games)
Bird 5
Bellchambers 5
Myers 4 (2 games)
Younan 3
Parish 3 (1 game)
Gleeson 3
NO’B 3
Redman 2
McKernan 2
HAMS 2 (6 games)
Boyse 1 <-- umps didn’t pick team of the year, obviously
Stanton 1
Hocking 1
Stewart 1
Brown 1


I thought bird would have polled more.


Yeah, … I thought he would have been perched higher too …


Soooo… some of the blokes on our list that played VFL but didn’t register a vote.



Draper says hi.


Does North Ballarat getting the boot mean more, less, or the same number of VFL byes next year?


Isn’t frankston coming back? so balancing out?


I’ve lost track but yes, I think. Thankfully (means we maintain an even number of teams).