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How about Brody Mihocek?


Apparently so:



Nice one, I couldn’t find anything.


“Smarmy Army”


Go the borough! Very happy for the boys. What a game.


19 AFL listed players, 3 goals up in time on against part timers and can’t get the job done lol.


Just a reminder: set shot dead in front, 25 metres out, missed the entire goalface by five metres.

Oh dear.



That is all.


With skills like that, he would not be considered unusual in our AFL side.


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What kind of an impact will Stringer bring to our side?

VFL Best and Fairest 2017

He better freakin’ dominate the VFL.


If you look at the best 22 scenario’s for the seniors following trade period, the spill over SHOULD make for a fearsome 2018 VFL side. Should.


Agree. Though looked similar in 2017.


Most of the treacle slowplayers end in the twos. Not sure that helps.



Nick is good, but he makes marty look like the incredible hulk. I am not saying anthing more than that.


Totally different players. I would love Nick on our list.


Am hearing that EFC has offered a coaching role to Ben Patrick from Werribee FC. Can anyone confirm?


from Werribee’s webpage; no mention of the role

“Ben Patrick has advised the Werribee Football Club he will be departing to take up a coaching position with the Essendon Football Club in 2018.”