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5.7.37 defeats 5.6.36

Was 5.7 to 4.1 after the fast FCFC start.

Good win Port girls.

We have to be very good next week.

Will say the FC lovefest by the commentators was as bad as the Collingwood wankfest yesterday.

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Happy happy joy joy, fark you Carlton.


I didn’t find the commentary (same people) yesterday biased… just regularly inaccurate.

Bit dodgy today, though. They really hate Fede.

(not saying she finished with a great game midfield, but the commentary was entirely not about what was happening today)

I like it when FCFC loses by a point. Especially when it is a final.


Ben Jolley and FEDE.

Lucy Watkins repeats the myth that Sargent played VFLW for us before being cut from our AFLW squad. Ignore that.

They appear to have (thankfully) changed the rules re: VFLW players dropping back to local clubs given FCFCer Ashlee Thorneycroft played for Strathmore today.

Unless the ruling is the VFLW season isn’t over… albeit only for good teams.

While the MEGA-POST to recap the season is being prepared (many sleeps away!), here’s an exercise for you all:

Without calculating it (Brendan Rhodes and I might be the only people who could do that in less than a few days), tell me what you think, for each year, the average age of players on game day was.

I will give you a starting point to work from: our average age in the preliminary final just played was 23.29 years old (21.94 without Mia and Kenny).

I had a definite opinion prior to calculating those 5 simple numbers… but I was still :exploding_head: by the result.

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Well I only jumped on the bandwagon last year so my guess for 2022 would be… 25?
(Cbomb sort of changes a few things!)


Still trying not to die.


The Darebin Women’s Sports Club (Darebin Falcons) is the largest multisports club for girls and women in Victoria with over 40 teams across the sports of Australian rules football, soccer, cricket and 8-ball.

The Darebin Falcons formed in 1990 to provide an opportunity for women and gender diverse people to play traditionally male sports and today, we remain the only standalone women’s club in the VFLW. We are also the only sporting Club in Australia to offer a full pathway from Auskick to Over 35s (Masters), including a VFLW team.

Our Vision: Women and girls know no boundaries.
Our Mission: To create a better world by empowering women and girls through sport.

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One change for Port, none for the Pies.

Ex-Bombers looking for a shiny thing are:

Monique DeMatteeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooooo
Caitlin Sargent
Liv Barton
Lauren Caruso
FEDE (the only one already with a VFLW shiny thing)


Blitz falls over for the Prelim and Grand Finals… but we got a happy ending!

Importantly, the Dud(ley) starts on the bench. Beth Wilson is in the ruck.

Bates three disposals in the opening minute, including one from Port panicking and tackling her without it.

Sargent two marks, and a goal.


Fede gets an early touch, good. Slater can’t win the contest to goal.

YES. Port strike back, via Alomes.


They run the Paige Scott sheep farmer ad yet again. I never get bored of it.

Port are hitting up leading targets pretty well.

A toe poke on the line makes the Port lead 13-6

Essendon would love to have the pace of a Stutt and Williams around the ground. But not that Williams shot “at” goal.

Caruso is racking up disposals from half-back.

Fede with the soccer skills.

Harley vs Lee is a heavyweight contest. Neither is getting bumped aside.

Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 12.48.31 pm

Bates has gone out of the game. Game has spent almost all of the time in the Port half (they have the cross-breeze advantage).

There is a substantial contingent of EFC representatives on the hill at the City end.

The forces of light lead the forces of dark 14-6 at quarter time. Probably proportional to the wind, but Port were definitely better regardless of it.

Port dominate the first few minutes, and ALMOST kick many goals. But actually score nothing.

Zander hands Dojiok her first disposal after 24 minutes.

They are going to sell a lot of ice creams today.

If you’re a Collingwood player wearing a helmet, headbutt Harley. Desperation is good, but that’s not smart.

I like the extra players of each side in their jumpers near their benches.

LOL at the demonstrativeness of the Port bench at 9:15, and then as the boundary ump collects you can see exactly which Port spectator screams ■■■■ OFF.

Harley marks and lovely pass to Borg unforgivably free twenty metres out.


It’s happening!

Barto is on Sargent. Caitlin has been invisible since the opening minutes of the game.

Damn it. 20-13

McKellar great tackle on Dojiok.

LOL, arguably ■■■■■■ advantage to Pies. Point rather than 30m set shot.

20-14, and then Dojiok’s third disposal is a kick across the face of goal.

20-15 with no one on the line with 30 seconds left. Yikes.

Bates marks just after 20 minutes but also just before the siren… set shot touched on the line!

20-16 Port lead at halftime. Closing minutes were ugly for Port.


DeMatteo exists!


Holy ■■■■, ump, that was the easiest-to-pay free ever for a shot from twenty with the wind behind Port for the goal. You better hope Pies don’t narrowly win. Unless that was your wager, or course.

CARUSO, YOU STAR! Rundown of the Pie running to fifty out.

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaark. Nikolitsis kicks her second snap goal to put the Pies in front, with the wind advantage to come their way in the final quarter.


Meanwhile, EFC reserves are being destroyed by a well-below-us-on-the-ladder Swans.

Gross 50m penalty for protected area not paid against Dojiok (she was trailing 15m behind her opponent). Maggie M is destroying her overall.


It’s 26-22 after Frew’s outside-of-the-foot snap from 35m out. Jessie Williams got it to her.

Bunker’s knee is hurt in a tackle. MCL??? But a few minutes later looks keen to come back on.

Bates had a big third quarter, to pull ahead of Caruso in the race for the Lisa Hardeman Medal.

Port lead 26-22 at the final break.

DeMattee gets a very soft free for high contact. Misses!


Caruso a bad kick-in. But makes up by pinging Bates running to goal!

Wilson is getting suspended for those elbows to the head of the Pie.


14 minutes to go, surely they need a goal.

Kick-lead-mark, 3 times in a row. And push in the back for them 40m out!

Falls short, Borg comes in to the pack at huge speed and is hit high. She misses from 10 metres out!!!

27-23, 12 minutes left.

Insane bounce in the Port goal square is almost a miracle goal, then nothing.

This is intense.

Another high tackle call for Port, 60 out.

Confusing whistle from the ump duds Ricardo. Oh well :devil:

Caruso is everywhere. Please win, Port, and get her the medal.


Has had a bad year compared to last year with the Saints. Falls short. Williams snaps a… point.

28-23, 7 minutes left.

Borg dribble kick… nothing.


Double-arm pumping at my place.

From 25m out…



29-23, 5 minutes left. Golden point rules…

4 minutes…


Port not flooding.

Dudley, you dud. Ruck free kick with 3 minutes left.

2 minutes… repeat stoppages on the wing.

STUTT HITS UP HARLEY, again. Calm kick under huge pressure.

It’ll be 19 minutes after this kick.



5.5.35 defeats 3.5.23

Oh, what a bloody relief.
Holding everyone back till the siren:

Meanwhile, Essendon trail 10-53.

This is the 18th premiership for Port.

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Who wins the Lisa Hardeman?

LAUREN!!! :heart:

Fede was right there to hoist her in triumph.

They point out Lauren was emergency for us 9 times last year.

Look at the tackle and mark count below:

Bunker is walking OK as she comes up for her speech.

Looks like a LOT of Pie fans left rather than hang around for the presentations.

Onya Barto. Has held that defence together all year.

“[Dudley] has been one of the leading rucks in the last couple of years”… um, no. That’s worse than your “Frederica” call. The Dud had yet another zero disposal game. But she laid TWO tackles!


Fede later makes it clear she is a two-time, two-time, premiership player.

Slater laughs, then gives her one finger in response.

Cheeky little bugger.


I greatly appreciate this trolling of the “Flagpies”.

Thank fark I didn’t watch Essendon “play” today. 17-80 as I write this.

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This just got pushed down to third on the favourite Lauren Caruso moments.

(2nd was her BOG EDFL final last year)

Barbs and Courtney get in there.

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