Mlb 2018



Get your ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ together, Houston.


What did we all make of the Bartman like call today?


Well, it did stop Betts making the catch, however difficult.

More like the Yankee kid against the O’s in the 90s…Jeffrey Bauer?

Edit…Jeffrey Maier maybe.


Right call was made. It hadn’t reached into fan territory. Fans hand closes his glove


JD goes bang 1-0 with Price getting it done. Lets see how long he goes today.



3-run shot by Devers. Sox up 4-0. None out, top 6.


9 strike outs for Price… his best postseason start ever. Wow


Game over. Sox in the World Series.

Kimbrel gets through the last without much difficulty, and Price gets his first post-season win.


Price finally did something! Pitched an amazing match.

LETS GO!!! Im sooooo stoked…its ■■■■■■ hard to get to the WS and the team is 4 wins away from being CHAMPIONS


Won’t even bother watching any of a Sox v Dodgers WS


Still hoping for Game 7 NLCS and Brewers getting up


Yelich homers in the first and Bellinger replies with a man on.


Taylor takes a huge running catch with a man on second to end the 5th, then Puig homers with 2 on.

5-1 Dodgers.


I hate the Dodgers


All over, Red Rover. Dodgers - Red Sox in the World Series.


Not sure you’ve ever mentioned that before.


Pay that.





Gee the sox look like a force

Cannot see this going past 5


At work today and tomorrow. Got lunch sat and sun. Back at work Monday.
I’m turning my phone off for the next 10 days so I can watch it after