Mlb 2018

Ohtani is going to the Angels.

Mariners were obviously making a play for him trading for International slot money. The latest being us trading for Dee Gordon from the Marlins and International slot money for our number 2 prospect plus 2 other minor leaguers.

Good idea to go after a freaking guy who has played his entire career at 2B what with us only having a bloke called Cano that we are paying $24 million a year to fill that role.

We are apparently going to try and convert Gordon to CF, where he has played a grand total of 13 games in winter ball.

Guess with the International slot money we have no we might be going after some of the guys that the Braves have been stripped of.

Latest talk is Stanton to the Yankees.

Presumably Judge and Stanton will share time at right (just kidding), but how scary would pitching to those two be.

Yankees and Marlins have agreed to trade terms, pending Stanton passing a physical and waiving his no-trade clause. Rumoured to be for Starlin Castro and 2 prospects.

I think I weed a little in excitement :slight_smile:

Stanton and Judge BOOM!!
Thanks for the help Jeter :rofl:

The Captain delivers again!

Funny one between Atlanta and the Dodgers.

OF Matt Kemp returns to LA while 1B Adrian Gonzalez and INF Charlie Culberson and two pitchers Scott Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy head to Atlanta.

Gonzalez has already been waived by the Braves with Freddie Freeman entrenched at 1B.

Atlanta are making room for OF Ronald Acuña and INF Ozzie Albies.

Yankees batting line up is ridiculous

Lost Pineda

Big Time Timmy looking all kinds of fit. Not sure his fastball will ever come back though:

Giants get Evan Longoria (not to be confused with “Eva”) from the Rays. The 32yo comes with $87m left in salary and cost us our top prospect, Christian Arroyo. Not sure about this move :frowning:

Andrew McCutchen now a Giant! This move makes it all but clear that 2018 is going to be a season of one last tilt at the holy grail for the firm of Posey and Bum.

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Easter weekend is gonna be sweet

Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, Trevor Hoffman and Vlad Guerrero all going to Cooperstown.

Edgar Martinez overlooked again…but received another significant bump in votes, going from about 56% of ballots last year to 70.4% of ballots this year.

Hopefully he gets in next year in his 10th and final year of eligibility. If not, then no DH should ever make it into the HoF.

Chipper #1 pick
Played for only one team
HOF first ballot

Fair old effort.

AFAIK Thome and Vlad were first ballot too.

I’ll have to have a read up on the guys who missed out…all the guys tainted by drugs missed out again. And Omar Vizquel…wonder if his tasteless crack to the umpire whose young son had died hindered his promotion.

And you’d think Mariano Rivera will be straight in next year.

Roy Halladay, who died recently, a possibility.

Goodbye Chief Wahoo

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Amusingly the “Save Chief Wahoo” twitter account is boasting about getting 200 followers in 24 hours. I would’ve thought that was a pathetically small number.

About time. Actually at least a 100 years too late. Now for that football team in Washington DC to make the move. They could all learn from the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks.

I thought the Blackhawks are in the same position as the Redskins & KC Chiefs?

Yes, I was wrong. I had actually read an article a few years ago about the Blackhawks working closely with the Indigenous community on the design of the jerseys and honoring the chief after whom they are named etc. But, you are correct that they are being called out too. Having read through some of the more recent pushback I can understand why:

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Grow a set and change it now.

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Do the Yankees need to change our moniker as well?