MLB 2019

A new year approaches with only 40 days or so til it gets going with Spring Training.

Will Red Sox be able to repeat? Hope so. Heading over in September to hopefully catch Yankees v Red Sox at Fenway.


Surprised Phillies didn’t buy it.

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They totally could. The price ($350 Million) is what they are likely willing to offer Machado.

C Russell Martin has returned to the Dodgers after stints east with Yankees, Blue Jays and Pirates.

2B DJ LeMahieu signed with the Yankees for 2 years and $24M.

C JT Realmuto has resigned with the Marlins on a 1-year contract. Not sure how that affects his trade status.

Why does he get a contract if he has resigned?

You do realise that ‘with’ and ‘from’ remove any ambiguity even if you ignore the hyphen.

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Surely it’s time #EdgarHOF…surely in his final year of eligibility (outside of the Veterans Committee elevation) he will be elevated.

Edgar is going to Cooperstown along with Riveria, Halladay and Mussina

Riveria rightfully a first vote elevation, with 100% of the vote (which is apparently the first time that has ever happened).

Edgar and Hallday have been elevated both with 85.4% of the vote and Mussina with 76.7% of the vote.

The only thing holding Edgar back was his DH-iness. Plenty of voters have reservations.

No excuse now for Big Papi to get overlooked at his first shot in a year or two. The best clutch hitter of his generation…and took Mo Rivera down a couple of famous times.

Nick Markakis returns to Atlanta for 1 year at $4 million. I’m sure he was hoping for more, but he’s about 35 now. He did very well financially out of the Braves for five or so years at $10m plus pa and only really fired in his last couple.

The headline on CNN that led me to this article was “$229M payroll is crushing ex-World Series champs”. I honestly thought I was clicking through to another article on my Giants…

That whole article struck me as something by someone who thinks that projected results are set in stone. I thought it was garbage…like taking any notice of Champion Data’s Elite rankings.

It also came out of nowhere. I would love to support a team where 95 wins are seen as a failure!

Baseball stats are light years ahead of footy stats.

Well, it’s a lot more definable. Football is more “random”. Multiple conditions apply for every football action.

With baseball, you know the type of pitch, where runners are on base, the score (or margin, more particularly), pitch count (1-0, 0-2 etc), not to mention all the other parameters like batter’s hand, pitcher’s hand, day/night, home/away, turf/grass etc, who the pitcher is.

I’m sure multiple database programs like SQL Server, Access, Oracle, DB2 were written with a minimum requirement that they could handle baseball stats.

In other news, Miami C J.T.Realmuto has been traded to the Phils for multiple players.

Rockies INF D J Le Mahieu has lobbed at the Yanks.

And Giants OF Hunter Pence has a minor league contract with the Rangers.

And one of the early black champions, Frank Robinson, has died at the age of 83. I think he won MVP’s in both leagues.

Cant believe they are back for spring training already…feels like yesterday the Red Sox won

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Giants Manager Bruce Bochy announces he will retire after this season. Straight to Cooperstown one would think. Love the man and will miss him!

Oh, and Manny Machado heading to the Padres. 10yrs, $300 Million.

What a ■■■■■ deal for both parties.

Machado has guarenteed he will win absolutely nothing for the remainder of his career and the Padres have ensured that they’ll be able to make absolutely zero moves for the foreseeable future.

Teams were doing the right thing by refusing to pay Machado and Harper the insane money to make the sweat and re-evaluate in terms of the money they wanted and have now continued the precedent that Cabrera, Votto, Cano, Stanton etc had started.


Harper to the Phillies. 13yrs, $330 Million.