MLB 2019


A new year approaches with only 40 days or so til it gets going with Spring Training.

Will Red Sox be able to repeat? Hope so. Heading over in September to hopefully catch Yankees v Red Sox at Fenway.



Surprised Phillies didn’t buy it.


They totally could. The price ($350 Million) is what they are likely willing to offer Machado.


C Russell Martin has returned to the Dodgers after stints east with Yankees, Blue Jays and Pirates.

2B DJ LeMahieu signed with the Yankees for 2 years and $24M.

C JT Realmuto has resigned with the Marlins on a 1-year contract. Not sure how that affects his trade status.


Why does he get a contract if he has resigned?


You do realise that ‘with’ and ‘from’ remove any ambiguity even if you ignore the hyphen.