MLB 2019


CF Kevin Pillar traded from Toronto to the Giants for 2B Alen Hansen and 2 pitchers.

Dodgers leading 6-2 in the 8th with a Bellinger grand slam again a Bumgarne 2-run HR.


Orioles out doing Yanks and Red Sox at this time


Should have tied the game in the 9th lost 5-6


Robertson gave up 3 walks in the 9th for the Phils to lose their first game to the Nats.

Cubs walked the first three batters in the 8th for Camargo to clear them and give the Braves a 1-run lead. They held on to win 6-4.


Red Sox got back from 3-1 to 3-3 in the 8th at Oakland, then Holt made a brilliant throw to throw out the 3rd out with bases loaded. Was called safe but reversed on challenge. Then took the lead on a Betts hit which was about to be swallowed up by Chapman at 3rd but hit the bag and flew over his head, scoring 2.

Held on to win 5-3.

Giants led the Dodgers 3-2 on a Belt homer but gave up 3 to lose 5-3. @DonMania’s teeth took another grinding.


6-3 when Betts came in after a Benintendi hit


Lots of pundits reckon deGrom is wasting his best years, and some of the best years anyone has had, playing with us but I’m glad he is. 7 scoreless innings and 14 ks with some insurance for once from the offense, including a HR from deGrom, and we still gave the Marlins a sniff. Wonderful to watch.
PS And, Yes, as a Mets’ fan I know it can’t last.


We could honestly have swept them. It’s early but I feel better than I did last year. Don’t think we have a solid path to the WC but if we can get close to 80 wins that would be acceptable.

Just sad that we will not have Bum after the trade deadline. Aiming to see him as much as possible in person before he departs…


Max Fried (who?) perfect through 5 for the Braves against Yu Darvish and the Cubs. Leading 1-0.

Braves reckon they’ve got about 6 future pitching guns, which is why their starting rotation looks a bit thin at the moment. Foltynewicz, Gausman and O’Dea all on the DL…or IL (Injured List) as it’s now called. Folty pitching in AAA today.


A’s have started the year on fire.


Giants just announced the lowest home crowd in the last 9yrs (since before the first WS win). Hmm…


Can someone explain this please.
Today the Mets take a 3 to 2 lead into the eighth. The Mets’ Familia gives up 3 runs at the top of the eighth and they fall behind 3 to 5. Then the Mets rally with 3 to restore a 6 to 5 lead at the bottom the eighth. The Mets’ Diaz finishes the Nats off at the top of the ninth and is credited with the save. All fine so far.
But according to the MLB official site, Familia, who surrendered the lead and left the mound 2 behind, is credited with the win. Is that right? Surely a misprint.


He was the last pitcher used at the time the Mets took the lead for the last time.


Weird but makes mathematical sense, I suppose. Makes one wonder about the merits of some stats.


Well, you’ve got to have some way of objectively deciding who the winner was. Considering things such as errors are subjective.


this got a lot of interest- he (Puig) took on everyone


As AN said, he was the last pitcher they used when they took the lead. Had he been pulled with 2 outs then the pitcher who got the 3rd out would have been credited with the W.


Any sort of showing up your opponent, by bat flips or standing there admiring your shot, is going to provoke some sort of retaliation. And if a pitcher is thought to have thrown deliberately at a player, then one of his teammates will suffer…unless the umpire issues a warning.

Any provocative action after a warning should result in an ejection.

David Warner would get to first base a lot due to being hit by a pitch.


I am assuming this is not good…


The opposite of Khris Davis of the A’s.