MLB 2023

So these new time rules are off to an awesome start. MLB experts at shooting themselves in the foot.

Don’t hate it.
People pay money to watch you play, not scratch your balls.

People will absolutely â– â– â– â–  and moan in the first year though.

Yep. This will make baseball so much easier to watch.

Looking forward to this year. Phillies will be great fun to watch. Hitting everywhere and even the pitching looks pretty good

Starters look very good. Bullpen still the weak point I think.

Started to look better last season but still lacking depth.

Manny Machado got extended by the Padres.

$350mil, 11 years = 31.8 AAV


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Australia, playing the Czech Republic right now, in a win in advance situation in the WBC on Kayo

Have been watching a bit of this and our players seem to be a lot less â– â– â– â–  than I remember.

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tight game, 1-1, top 7

Aussies win 8-3 and advance to the semis, first time we’ve ever done that.


Mexico beat the USA 11-5 with 2 homers from the Nats’ Joey Generes.

Not really a big baseball-playing country, Mexico.

Most of the MLB’s Hispanic stars, ie relief pitchers, catchers and shortstops, come from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Venezuela.

I can only remember the Dodgers’ Fernando Valenzuela as a Mexican superstar.

There are maybe more Koreans and Japanese than Mexicans in the ML.

Aussies in the semis right now vs Cuba, tie game 1-1 top of the 4th

Was the quarters and we lost 4-3 unfortunately

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that was incredible

Japan win it all against the USA where it came down to Ohtani pitching to Trout 2 out in the 9th


I’m unsure of why the US even bother when they send basically a third string side with a couple of decent players to it. Pretty telling that most of the big guns prefer spring training over it

Phillies 1B, Rhys Hoskins, has done an ACL and likely miss the season.

They still have a power-laden lineup.

I guess we can’t include Kenny Fkn Powers of the “Charros”? Can we

pitching wise yeah, but the positional players they put together was nearly as a good a side as they could.

Overall it was the best team the US has ever sent

Judge and Stanton would’ve made a big difference.
Just a pity the injuries to the pitching stock, very light on

Opening Day Tomorrow…


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