MND Fundraiser - "Beer v Beast" - Sunday 15 May

This looks like it will be a fun afternoon! And raising money for a very worthwhile cause :slight_smile:

Doesn’t MoJo look like he just fell out of the 1970’s??

I hope he has a few pairs of flares and some platform soles to go with that head.

Two weeks ago I went to the MND fundraiser at the sporting globe. Daniher, neither and Russell Robertson were there. Releasing their new beer BREWMANITY in support of MND. During danihers talk he spoke of Essendon and how they’re a great club and will get back to how they were. When questioned about who he was going for tomorrow (Ess vs Melbourne) he said well I’ll be barracking for Joey but il be going for Melbourne.

Spoke of MND and how much they’ve earned so far, last year they raised 5 million which is outstanding.
We won a competition to have dinner with Nietz and that was pretty cool.
Get along to this if you can!