Mobile Version is UnBjorked


Well he is in QLD you know?


India, atm, actually.



Is there a resolution cutoff that transitions to the mobile site? (my phone has QHD scaling so probably defaults to a desktop size, which means that there is still side scrolling).


I think it’s 700px wide but resolution shouldn’t cause a problem, unless your mobile browser sucks. Are you on Chrome?


Yep (beta on android) if that makes a difference.


Will give the mobile vers a run over the next hour… (Android)


I’m getting the borked version on one device but not the other. Think it’s a cache issue not a browser issue.


I thought it was that when I used a link to the old Blitz and other brought me to new and improved Blitz.
I then deleted cache and browser history and it now knows the difference between the two sites.

But the horizontal scrolling problem hasn’t been fixed by this.


Yep. iPhone wiped out browser history. Still got the side scroll issue.


Also don’t have any way to access a menu or skip to top or bottom of page when halfway down a thread. Only option to just press back.


Yeah not a local cache, server cache.


My mobile site is side scrolling, which is very annoying. I pretty much only access Blitz on mobile. I have an iPhone so pretty standard.


Should be fixed!!


Wow. It literally changed and fixed right after I made that post. You’re a mind reader Rolo


Yeah it live-reloads CSS changes, pretty sweeeeeeeet


X2 for fixed


fixed as bro


Mobile version is proper fast and awesome. Thanks rolo.


Ok, working fine on Android. No scrolling, no ad’s. Slow as hell to start typing initially, but suspect that’s more about the phone than anything else. Runs much better on my old clunker than Vanilla did. Happy happy joy joy.


I love how you’ve flown to India to get cheap labour to upgrade Blitz