Mobile Version is UnBjorked


Liking the promo on the waiting wheel


Yeah gonna fix that. That’s a bit much… it’s supposed to just appear at the bottom of the page.


Not sure if it happens on others, but my mobile version freezes and becomes unresponsive after about 10minutes…


Hmmmmm. Nope that’s not what I get. I get another screen pop up that overlays the first and has a scroll bar on the right hand side.


On a work Samsung (ie cheap), once a reply got to a medium length, the text was no longer visible as it was typing below the onscreen keyboard. This also made it impossible to edit the post when I realised I made a mistake after posting it, as I couldn’t get the carat in the right position or see the text.


It can be a nightmare, I usually turn it to landscape when typing, & you can see it all.

I have noticed my screen won’t rotate new Blitz atm though, … but suspect it’s something to do with the phone, . it seems no one else is reporting it as a problem??


In the above case when I tried to use landscape I couldn’t even see the text even at the start of a new post.

I was using Chrome btw.


Typing from phone now… works beautifully in portrait, can’t even see over kb in landscape. That’s android/chrome/SwiftKey.


Try the app?


Haven’t yet… someone said it wasn’t much chop? I’ll give it a go.


What app are we talking about?


BSD has a weird banner(iPhone)

Avatar on one row, name on a second row below. Looks odd, I’m guessing it’s due to length of name, but can’t find anyone else like it.


Yeah that’s a bug I need to get back to fixing.


Not sure if u made a tweak after my post about it Rolo,? but NuBlitz now goes into landscape when I tip the phone … which is great.

But speaking of weird banners,^^ 2 things, … at the moment, it doesn’t bugger off the screen with a little scroll up as the old one used to, (I’m not sure if it’s meant to?)

But more serious, is that when you zoom the screen, the banner zooms too, & dominates until it fills the whole screen with the logo.

Just me,& my supposed “weird” one?


After only logging into the new site recently, I can’t log in on my phone.

Any ideas?


What happens when you try?


Do I take it these are going to be permannent issues then …


I wouldn’t call them issues but they will be staying this way.


It just doesn’t recognise either my username, email or password. I updated my password on the main site only a day or two ago. my username should be pretty good to go and get right :slight_smile: I assume my email is the one that Blitz sent to me when I renewed my password. Its got me beat.


That doesn’t make sense that there’d be difference on mobile/desktop for usernames. Is it being autofilled by your browser?