The world is doing its best to get rid of those pesky animals with climate change. But habitat loss is causing emergence of these viruses.

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Seems to be some worry from people you would prefer aren’t concerned

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off to brainstorm thread titles for parts 2, 3, 4 etc


Players throwing feaces at the opposition?Couldnt be any worse.

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What chances that we start stocking up on the smallpox vaccine now or have we learnt nothing from covid.

I don’t think it’s even close to that level of concern yet. Certainly warrants vigilant global surveillance but probably not any panic at this stage.

Apparently US And UK have orders in for the vaccines. Have we learned?

Did the space between monkey and pox get deleted?

Were all the other poxs one word? Chickenpox, smallpox?

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I’m reading this thing has been around since the 70s.

It’s through close skin to skin touching, most likely sex.

It’s endemic in Africa but rare anywhere else.

I’ll stick to close skin to skin contact with miss handypoint and I think I’ll be fine :upside_down_face:

Yes. There’s also camelpox, cowpox (a historically important poxvirus) etc.

Also, chickenpox is an odd one out. It’s not an orthopoxvirus, it’s a herpesvirus.


Reminds me of this Ricky Gervais bit (language/content warning):

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Watching Sky News can give you foxpox.

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Not to cross threads and risk a Ghostbusters scenario scotty but this is the climate change you’re voting for🐶

A pox on all Rupert’s houses!

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I just assume this all started in a wet market in China, Dictator Dan will lock us all down for three years, and certain sections of society will declare it was actually a hidden pathogen in the Covid vaccines to make us all infertile slaves to Caesar the Ape.

See you joke but the Bill Gates conspiracy theories are already out there. He mentioned the possibility of an outbreak a while back which now means he has been planning this all along


Did I do it right?

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